How Did Germans Pull Off Such a Miracle?

During the World War II, the Allies fielded eight more or less revolutionary weapons. Nazi Germany developed and deployed twenty-four – three times more. The fundamental question is: How?

How on bloody Earth did German engineers who suffered from an acute shortage of resources (human, material, natural, production capacity, etc.) and often had to work under incessant, round-the-clock bombing by the Allies develop and deploy three times more revolutionary weapons (often substantially more revolutionary) than the Allies?

True, German engineers were better than American, British and especially Soviet – due to a much better education and training system. But they were definitely not that much better. So it was definitely not about professional knowledge or skills.

The answer is actually very simple. One word: drive. German engineers simply had far more powerful drive than their Allied counterparts.

They desperately (really desperately) wanted to win the war. And they knew for a fact that after the failure of the blitzkrieg on the Eastern front in December 1941, only a miracle weapon could win a war. So they were willing to do everything possible (and even seemingly impossible) to develop such wonder weapons – each in his own area of professional competence.

They so desperately wanted to win the war because (thanks to incessant and omnipresent Nazi propaganda) they sincerely believed that they were fighting the existential war.

Consequently, defeat in this war meant certain death for them and the inevitable destruction of Germany. In other words, they were driven by a survival instinct – a very, very powerful drive.

There was, however, another powerful drive. German engineers (weapons designers) were genuinely happy and had no desire to live under any other regime than Nazi Germany. Especially under the occupation regime (whatever it might have been).

They genuinely loved their Führer and their Nazi government who (unlike previous leaders and governments) genuinely cared for them and performed general miracles for them facilitating (in 1933-38) an incredible quantum leap in all areas of life in Germany.

So now they sincerely believed that it was their duty (a matter of honor) to perform a miracle for their Führer, their government and their country (the Nazi Germany). And they did perform genuine miracles – which, however, were not sufficient for a victory in the Second World War.


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