The “Nazi Avalanche” Paradigm

AvalancheNazi Germany was the product of very specific individuals and of a sequence of very specific events. Contrary to a very popular misconception (created and disseminated by the anti-Nazi propaganda), there was nothing specifically German in these events (thinking otherwise would be Nazism – plain and simple).

Any major nation that experienced these (or similar) events, would have ended up becoming a Nazi (or a similar totalitarian) state. The best proof of this statement is the Russian Empire. Which did go through similar events and quickly became a totalitarian Bolshevist state. Which in several key aspects was far worse than Nazi Germany.

In list chapter I will list (chronologically) and briefly cover the key events (from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion to the Reichstag fire) and individuals (from Karl Marx to Marinus van der Lubbe) who created the Nazi Germany.

And the best paradigm for presenting these individuals and events is obviously the “Nazi Avalanche” paradigm.

The physical (natural) avalanche in the mountains happens when consecutive layers of snow accumulate the critical mass that triggers its extremely powerful slide.

The “Nazi Avalanche” was the result of a sequence of events (“layers”) that created a political, economic, social and emotional “critical mass”. Which finally (in a matter of a days) destroyed the Weimar Republic and replaced it with a totalitarian Nazi state – the Führerstaat.


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