Wewelsburg: The Mittelpunkt der Welt Estate

MTWThose involved in Himmler’s “Mittelpunkt der Welt” project nicknamed it “Himmler’s Vatican”. Which was totally appropriate, because the complex to be created around Wewelsburg was to become the center for the “artgemäße Religion” (an “appropriate religion”).

Religion that was radically different from Christianity – apparently the “inappropriate” religion. Inappropriate for Germans that is.

Plans for a truly enormous estate included an 18-meter wall in the shape of a 3/4 circle. This wall was supposed to be 860 meters in diameter and include eighteen massive towers with everything centered around the North Tower of the Wewelsburg castle. According to Wiligut, the actual center of the world was located in the center of a circular North Tower.

Plans for the estate called for the building of a wide road that was to connect the castle with the Rhynern – Kassel Reichsautobahn (freeway) thus creating a gigantic spear with the road as its shaft, the castle as its head and the North Tower as its tip.

The plans also included a “Hall of the High Court of the SS”, streets, parkways, magnificent buildings, a villa colony for higher SS-leaders, the SS barracks, a dam with a power plant, freeway accesses and even an airport.

It was estimated that it will take 20 years and 250 million marks to build the whole complex. The surrounding area (the Wewelsburg village) was supposed to be flooded and villagers resettled (most likely, on the territories annexed from Poland).


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