Nazi Mythology: the Supernatural Beliefs of the Nazis (II)

Myth #2. Earth is populated by several entities – “races”. There is one “Aryan race” (“master race”) of the “Übermenschen” destined to rule the world (“the Earth”) and several “inferior races” of the “Untermenschen” who are destined to be the servants (or even slaves) to the “master race”. In other words, there is natural hierarchy of races (somewhat similar to the Indian caste system).

This is a myth for one very simple reason – there is not a shred of scientific evidence that the human races (of which are three – four at most) are any different from each other in natural gifts, talents and abilities.

In other words, they are no different than cats of the same breed but of the different color. Consequently, all concepts of “master race”, “inferior races”, “racial hierarchy”, etc. are pure fantasy and total nonsense.

Myth #3. Human civilization is the product of only the “Aryan race”. In other words, only the “Aryan race” contributed to the development of human civilization by creating economic, functional and cultural (i.e. “aggregate” value). All other races (“inferior races”) were either consuming or outright destroying value.

This is a delusion (self-delusion by the Nazis, actually). In reality, individuals and nations of every race (Caucasian, Asian and Negroid) made a material, significant contribution to human civilization.

To prove the abovementioned statement, Nazis set up the whole Ahnenerbe organization, spent years (and millions of Reichsmarks) but failed miserably. Historical facts simply did not support their racist claims.  

Myth #4. “Aryan race” is fighting the “racial war” with the inferior races. This war is the existential in a sense that the losers will become servants (or even slaves) of the winners. Or will be exterminated altogether.

Again, this is a myth. There is no evidence whatsoever that there ever was a racial war between any races. There were plenty of religious wars, hundreds of wars between various states (sometimes nation-states), but no “racial war”. Or even a genuine war between the nations. Even in a war between nation-states each side typically fielded members of different nations (sometimes many nations).

Myth #5. The key adversary of an “Aryan race” in this existential war is the Jewish race.

This is a myth, too, because there is no such thing as Jewish race. There is a Jewish nation – a very loose social group of genetic Jews – bound together by a common fear of persecution (and of being murdered – exterminated, actually) and a common desire to survive and succeed against all odds.

In all other aspects – mental, psychological, ideological, behavioral, etc. – it is the most diverse nation in the world by far (“two Jews – three opinions”). So diverse, in fact, that some sociologists (including some Jewish ones) rightfully question the very existence of a Jewish nation as a genuine nation.

Myth #6. To win this existential war and to ensure the eternal domination of the world by the “Aryan race”, it must breed the genuine “Übermenschen” (superhuman beings) using the methods, tools and techniques of eugenics (selective breeding). All individuals deemed physically, mentally and genetically defective, must be sterilized or (better) euthanized.

This is a total delusion. The cold hard biological fact (very unpleasant for the Nazis) is that selective breeding degrades, not improves genetic (and thus physical and mental) quality of the population because it radically decreases (and ultimately eliminates) genetic diversity – the key method for improving genetic quality of individuals.

It is possible to transform “regular” human beings (“ordinary” Homo Sapiens) into “superhumans” (sometimes called “ludens” or “meta-humans”) but the only way to do it is by discovering and using the whole creative and productive potential of a human being (it is estimated that currently we use 5% of this potential at the most).

But it can be done only by a radical improvement of the efficiency (by radical reengineering) of the system of education and general upbringing of individuals (and of the whole society). In other words, by radically changing the “nurture”, not the “nature”.

With the proper “nurture” and the proper structure of human society, just about every individual can be a productive (actually, a highly productive) member of the society.

Consequently, euthanizing individuals deemed “defective” is a very dumb thing to do (as it robs the society of a significant amount of value that this individual could have created).

Myth #7. “Blood and Soil”. This myth essentially assigned supernatural power to German lands. In other words, Nazis (erroneously) claimed that inherent racial superiority (which by itself was a myth) of Germans over the Slavs (and even over the Southeastern Europeans) was the result of a no less inherent spiritual superiority of German lands.

This is, of course, an occult myth (a delusion, actually) as there is no scientific evidence whatsoever that the German nation is in any way genetically superior to any other nation (or race, for that matter). Or that the German land is “spiritually superior” to any other land.


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