Nazi Mythology: the Supernatural Beliefs of the Nazis (I)

Although Nazis claimed that their ideology was firmly based on science, it was not. Not by a long shot. In reality, Nazi ideology (national-socialism) was an ersatz religion (a destructive cult, actually).

Like any destructive cult, it was based not on scientific facts, but on a set of occult beliefs (dogmas). In other words, on seven racist and nationalist myths that had nothing to do with reality whatsoever.

Myth #1. “Physical drives psychological”. In other words, racial biological features of an individual determine his or her abilities, mindset, mentality, behavioral patterns, etc. And ultimately even his or her happiness.

In reality, they do not. Abilities and ultimately achievements and contribution to the society of an individual in question are influenced (but not determined!) but his or her individual (not general racial) biological features.

Mindset, mentality, behavioral patterns and value created for human society by the individual in question are determined by the system of education and general upbringing and by the society in general.

In other words, by how efficiently this system identifies and develops the natural gifts, talents and abilities (and every individual has some of these) and how efficiently the society uses the gifts, talents and abilities of each member.

Actually, Nazi Germany owes its genuinely miraculous achievements not to some mythical “racial selection” but to a highly efficient system (far more efficient than any other) of utilization of its human capital.

This system had only one – but a disastrous – deficiency. Instead of getting the most out of the “wrong” social groups (Jews, homosexuals, etc.), it persecuted and even murdered them. Had it used this human capital in the most efficient way, it would have achieved even more miraculous results.


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