Uniqueness of the Nazi Civilization

As I have already mentioned earlier, Nazi Germany was a totally unique, enormously vast, incredibly complex and deeply mysterious civilization.

Very different from both Western democracies (Great Britain, France, the USA, etc.), other totalitarian (e.g. fascist) European regimes (Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc.) and from the Bolshevist totalitarian civilization as well. In fact, leaders of just about every nation (even its allies) considered Nazi Germany as an “alien civilization”.

Nazi Germany was different from every European (and non-European) country in the following nine ways:

  1. Although almost every nation (with the exception of the United States and of the Soviet Union) practiced its own version of nationalism, only the Nazis were genuine national-sociopaths
  2. The Third Reich was the only civilization that openly declared that it was fighting a perpetual existential war with the “alien races” (“inferior races”). And thus existed essentially in a permanent state of war
  3. Although just about every nation in Europe and in the Americas was deeply Judeophobic (which was proven beyond the reasonable doubt by the results of the infamous Evian conference), Nazi Germany was the only country to openly declare the existential war on the Jews with the ultimate objective of making Germany and the whole Europe Judenfrei ( “free of Jews”)
  4. Although just about any country was built on this or that quasi-religion, none was nearly as deeply mystical as the ersatz religion of national-socialism that Nazi Germany was built on
  5. No other nation implemented such fast, comprehensive and highly efficient economic reforms as the Nazi Germany in 1933-1937 and was capable to get itself out of the Great Depression so quickly and completely as Third Reich
  6. No other nation was able to restore its political, economic and military power (and thus transform itself into a superpower) so quickly and completely as Nazi Germany
  7. None of the countries anywhere in the world was ever able to make its citizens happy as genuinely and as quickly as Nazi Germany
  8. Although several nations committed horrible war crimes and crimes against humanity in the first half of the XX century, none of the did it on such an unprecedented scale as Nazi Germany
  9. No other nation made such a decisive contribution to saving the Western civilization from being invaded, conquered, occupied and destroyed by the Bolshevist Soviet Union as the Nazi Germany

Although many events contributed to the establishment of Nazi Germany (mostly related to Bolshevism), two events (unique to Germany) essentially made the Third Reich.

The first event was a humiliating armed robbery (sorry, the Treaty of Versailles) in 1919 and the second – the Reichstag Fire on February 27th 1933. Without these two events (both of them, actually), there would have been no Nazi civilization.


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