Supernatural Theories of the Holocaust (part I)

In the previous sections of this book I demonstrated (hopefully, beyond the reasonable doubt) that the Holocaust was the result of the accumulation of a “critical mass” of facts and events (in Germany and elsewhere).

The last “straw” (a huge boulder, actually) that unleashed the “Holocaust avalanche” was the invasion of the Soviet Union in June of 1941 and thus the start of the “hot” existential war with the Bolshevist regime (which Nazis believed to be Judeo-Bolshevist).

Consequently, the Holocaust can (and should) be explained exclusively by political, economic and psychological factors and thus needs no supernatural explanation.

However, there are several supernatural theories of the Holocaust that, alas, are so widespread that I have no other choice to present, analyze and debunk them.


Nazis Explicitly Served the Devil

Proponents of the first supernatural theory insist that the Nazis explicitly served Devil and murdered six millions (or so) Jews to please the Prince of Darkness.

While this horrible crime (and especially the murder of millions of God’s chosen people) undoubtedly made Satan very happy (if he can be happy), there is not a shred of evidence that Nazis worshipped the Devil or any other infernal entity. Or any other supernatural entity of a similar nature, for that matter.

Consequently, this theory is nothing by a pure fantasy promulgated by the anti-Nazi propaganda. Nothing more.


God Punished Jews for Rejecting Christianity

According to this theory developed and propagated by ardent anti-Semites in the Christian Church, God (Christian God) not just allowed but actively inspired persecution of Jews (and ultimately the Holocaust) to force Jews to finally accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior and to convert to Christianity (that they should have done two millennia ago).

The key problem with this theory is one of the definitions of idiocy – doing the same thing over and over again and expect a different result (Albert Einstein). God may be many things (and may be highly imperfect from our human perspective) but He is no idiot. Consequently, it is simply inconceivable that He would have done the same thing (persecuting and murdering the Jews using Christians as its tools) for 2,000 years without any success whatsoever.

Consequently, this theory is a pure delusion propagated by the diehard anti-Semites.


God Punished Jews for their Sins

This theory is preached by the radical followers of no less radical version of Judaism. According to Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (“the most famous Rabbi in America”, according to Washington Post),

it goes like this. The Jews of Germany didn’t want to be Jewish any more. They wanted to be more German than the Germans. They changed their names. They assimilated. They married out. The reform movement, which started in Germany in about 1820, expunged all mention of Zion and Jerusalem from its prayer book. Germany and Berlin were the new Promised Land.

In short, the Jews of Germany abandoned God. Worse, they thought they could get away with it. So God decided to teach them a lesson. Just try and forget Me. Here, have a few gas chambers. Let’s see how independent you feel when you’re incarcerated behind barbed wire? Let’s see how much you love Germany when they collectively slaughter your children.”

The Old Testament God is fiercely jealous and possessive and is no stranger to mass murders (the proverbial Flood, drowning of the whole Egyptian army in the Red Sea, genocide in Palestine committed by the Jews on His orders) so at first glance this theory seems plausible.

However, it is not. For starters, about half or so Jews in Germany and Austria were Zionists who had no desire to stay in their home countries (let alone assimilate). They desperately wanted to move to Palestine and settle there permanently – and only barriers erected by the British government prevented them from getting there.

Most of Jewish victims of the Holocaust were East European Jews, the overwhelming majority of whom were either isolationists or Zionists and thus did not want to assimilate (and thus to turn away from their God) either. So in reality most Jews committed no sin to be punished (especially by a capital punishment).


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