The Nation and the Race

Nazis believed (and preached) that the nation is all about blood. About nature, not nurture. They sincerely (end erroneously) believed that the physical drove the psychological, that the “blood” determined the mentality, the culture, the mentality, the physical and mental capabilities of an individual.

They were wrong of all counts. In reality, the nation is a social group of individuals who share common beliefs, views, principles, mentality and culture. The “blood” simply does not matter – you can take, say, an Indian or an African baby and raise him as a perfect British gentleman. Or her as a perfect British lady.

A Russian by blood can be raised as a perfect German and vice versa. More than that, even someone who was born and raised Russian, for example, can assimilate completely into a German environment and become a “transcultural” German.

Although not everyone can become transcultural, of course, because most people (over 90% in fact in most nations) tend to stay with their compatriots (members of the same nation).

A notable exception are actually the Jews of whom a sizable share (50% and even more) can assimilate completely in just about any West European nation. Or in the USA, Canada or Australia, for that matter. Or even in Russia.

Consequently, the nation (any nation) is all about nurture, not nature and thus all policies, decisions and actions based on the “blood factor” are fundamentally wrong.

And the “race” is a totally useless concept. Totally, completely and utterly useless. Yes, there are three (just three) basic human races – Caucasian, Mongoloid (Asian) and Negroid races (some anthropologists believe there is a fourth distinct race – Australoid) but the race of an individual tells absolutely nothing about his or her culture, mentality or physical and especially mental capabilities.

Unlike nations, races do not have any common beliefs, views, principles, mentality and culture. Consequently, race is a purely biological construct, totally useless for political decision-making.

And racism – the belief that some races are inherently (genetically) superior or inferior – is simply wrong. Indisputable scientific facts prove beyond the reasonable doubt just the opposite – that humans of different color as different from each other as differently colored cats.

Actually, Nazis committed even more fundamental error – they totally confused the fundamentally different concepts of “race” and the “nation” (e.g., insisting on the existence of a “Jewish race”).

Consequently, there were (and there could never have been) an “existential race war”. Yes, Germany was forced to fight an existential war with the Bolshevist Soviet Union but that war had nothing to do with race.

It was a cultural war, a religious war (Bolshevism was an ersatz religion, too), a civilizational war (the Soviet Union also was a unique civilization) but it was by no means a racial war.


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