Religion of National-Sociopaths

Nazism is a religion. An ersatz religion, of course, but a religion nevertheless. For a two fundamental reasons. First, it is based on worship. Nazis (yes, there are still quite a few of these characters around) are worshipping their pagan gods (or at least quasi-gods): their “Nordic race”, their “Aryan race”, their nation (Germany) and their Führer (Adolf Hitler).

Second, like every religion, it is based not on indisputable facts (although the Nazis claim otherwise) but on blind faith in certain statements (dogmas) that for the most part have little (if anything) to do with reality. Actually, on many occasions these Nazi dogmas bluntly and squarely contradict the reality.

It is also very important to always remember that Nazism is a religion of national-sociopaths. Who were genuine patriots and thus deeply and passionately loved (and even worshipped) their nation (Germany) and were determined to make it a secure, prosperous and genuinely happy nation – a political, economic and military superpower.

However, they were sociopaths and thus considered all other nations as mere tools to achieve the abovementioned objective. They claimed to be racial-sociopaths meaning that they worshipped their Aryan (or Nordic) race and thus loved other Aryan nations – Scandinavians, the Dutch, the British, the Baltic nations and even some Slavs – but in reality they viewed these nations as junior partners of the German nation who were still tools to be used for the benefit of Germany.

All other nations were supposed to either be forced to become servants or even slaves of German nation (e.g., Russians, Poles, etc.) or to be totally exterminated (e.g. Jews).

Nazis did not realize (and definitely did not want to realize) that they had a big problem in their national/racial department. They got the fundamental definition of a nation completely wrong. And their understanding of a race was also utterly and completely wrong.


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