Procreation and Eugenics (part II)

However, to be able to conquer the entire world, the religion had to overcome the limitation of a “critical mass”. And to be able to do it, the religion in question had to be supra-national (i.e. attractive to anyone regardless of one’s nationality). Which national-socialism obviously was not. Only the Bolshevist supra-national religion was capable of achieving this grandiose objective.

The quantity of soldiers on the battlefield (and the civilians at home who support them) was important, no doubt about that. However, the quality was no less important as well.

Recognizing this indisputable fact, the Nazis embarked on a very ambitious program of breeding the “Aryan master race” far superior to any other race using eugenics as their key tool.

Nazis (erroneously) believed that the cross-breeding with “inferior races” decreased the genetic quality (and thus the overall quality) of “Arial” population and thus must be prevented by law. Consequently, only individuals of “pure Aryan blood” were allowed to get married and to produce children.

The Nazis were wrong. Dead wrong. In reality, had their selective breeding program been allowed to continue unabated, they would have discovered – to their immense surprise – that it produced exactly the opposite results due to the loss of genetic diversity.

In reality, “cross-breeding” with other nations and other races increases, not decreases the genetic quality (and the overall quality) of human population because it improves the ability of individuals to adapt to the changing environment and strengthens – not weakens – abilities of human beings.

Eugenic policies of insular selective breeding (inbreeding) would inevitably – as evidenced in extensive research of isolated island populations – result in extinction of the nation in question due to increased vulnerability to disease, reduced ability to adapt to environmental change, and other factors both known and unknown.

A long-term, species-wide eugenics plan will most likely lead to a scenario similar to this because the elimination of traits deemed undesirable would reduce genetic diversity by definition.

True, Waffen-SS composed of “pure Aryans” (its soldiers and officers initially had to fit strict racial criteria) became arguably the most fearsome and successful military force in World War II.

However, it owed its outstanding success to strict physical and mental requirements that they had to meet (which had nothing to do with nationality or race) as well as to a highly efficient organization and a very efficient training program (which included development of a powerful “corporate culture”).

The Nazis firmly believed that physically disabled (handicapped) and mentally sick individuals can and will pass their deficiencies to their children. And thus must be forcibly sterilized. They also believed that they do not and can not contribute anything to German society and that the latter simply can not afford feeding and otherwise supporting them. Therefore the mentally and otherwise incurably sick and disabled must be ultimately euthanized.

The Nazis were wrong on all counts. Many of diseases they believed were hereditary in reality were not. And even when they were, there were far more humane ways to prevent the birth of defective children than forced, brutal and often murderous sterilization.

Even in Hitler’s times, there were ways to make disabled, incurably sick and even mentally sick individuals productive members of society. After all, the Gestapo officer who uncovered and destroyed Die Rote Kapelle (Soviet spy ring in Europe), had a terminal cancer. And even if there were not, there were too few of them to place any noticeable burden on German society.

The (perceived) need to produce as many babies as possible automatically meant that homosexuals (both gay and lesbian) who by definition could not and did not want to do it, automatically became the “enemies of the German race”. And consequently were ruthlessly persecuted – jailed, sent to concentration camps and even murdered.

Which was not a smart thing to do (to put it mildly). Homosexuals constitute a very small percentage of general population (around 3%). Consequently, forcing them to engage in the procreation program will not make much difference in the number of babies produced.

And the persecution of homosexuals robbed the nation of an extremely valuable human capital that would have made a significant contribution to society.

Alan Turing – founder of modern computer science and largely responsible for cracking the German enigma code, was homosexual. So was John Maynard Keynes – founder of post-war demand-side economics.

Peter Tchaikovsky – a famous Russian romantic composer was homosexual. Alexander von Humboldt – one of the greatest naturalists/scientists of his day. The list goes on and on and on.


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