Procreation and Eugenics (part I)

Victory in any war (especially in an existential war) is about many things. Quality of leadership (commanding officers), weapons, ammunition, technology, communications, training, etc. But it also about numbers. About how many soldiers you can put on the battlefield and how many civilians you have to support them at home.

Consequently, it is no surprise that one of the key components of Nazi ideology (ersatz-religion, actually) was procreation. The fastest possible reproduction and proliferation of the “German species” – the German nation.

They believed that the key to the very survival of the German nation (and, of course, to the victory in the existential war for the Lebensraum with other races) is to produce as many babies as possible as fast as possible.

Consequently, they viewed a German woman only as a machine, a device for producing the maximum possible number of babies. Whether in or out of wedlock, it did not really matter. The Nazis (the SS mostly) were seriously considering introducing polygamy – to make sure that every woman produces the maximum possible number of offspring.

The Nazi state established the nationwide Lebensborn association that provided welfare to (mostly unmarried) Aryan mothers, encouraged anonymous births by unmarried women at its maternity homes, and mediated adoption of these children by likewise “racially pure and healthy” parents, particularly SS members and their families.

Obviously, the more babies you produce, the more adults you are going to end up with. And the more adults (and the more children) you have, the more foodstuffs and other products you need. And the more products you need, the more Lebensraum you need.

Consequently, the program of the maximum possible (and the fastest possible) procreation was ultimately the program of unlimited territorial expansion (limited only by the size of the habitable space on Earth). And as this territories already belong to other nations, it was essentially a program of a non-stop war.

So ultimately the Nazis did want to conquer and colonize the whole world but wanted to do it at a “natural pace” driven by the objective needs of their growing population.

Which would have taken centuries – if not millennia. Unlike Stalin who wanted to conquer the whole world in a matter of years (a decade of two at the most), Nazis were consent to wait.


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