The Nazis (erroneously) believed that they were fighting a very specific existential war – the war with the Jewish race. The reasons for this fundamental belief are understandable – it would have been a surprise had the Nazis not had this belief.

First, Adolf Hitler and just about every Nazi grew up in a “traditionally” anti-Semitic (Judeophobic) environment formed by millennia of Christian and pre-Christian anti-Semitism. I will explain the roots of this environment in detail in a chapter on the Holocaust.

Second, even before the Great War there was a (correct) feeling that Marxism presented and existential threat to Germany and the whole Western civilization. And the founder of Marxism Karl Marx was a genetic Jew (although a baptized Christian).

Third, the Bolsheviks (i.e. the Marxists) who came to power in Russia after the October Revolution (a coup d’état, actually) openly proclaimed their firm commitment to conquering the entire world, destroying the human civilization as we know it and replacing it with a global Communist state managed from Moscow.

Which definitely represented an existential threat to “all of the above”. And the key leaders of the Bolsheviks (Trotsky, Kamenev, Zinoviev, Nogin, Sverdlov, Larin, etc.) were Jewish (as were several founders of the Russian Marxist party).

The head of the Comintern – the international organization that the Bolsheviks established explicitly for the purpose of conquering the world was Jewish. Karl Radek – the secretary of Comintern responsible for starting a Communist revolution in Germany – was a Jew.

The key perpetrators of the “Red Terror” (Uritsky, Bela Kun and others) were Jewish. Yakov Yurovsky who led the death squad that murdered the Russian Tsar Nicholas II (a cousin of German Kaiser whom the Nazis deeply revered) was a Jew.

In Ukraine, Jews made up nearly 80 percent of the rank-and-file agents of Cheka (Communist secret police – a rough equivalent to German gestapo).

One of the leaders of the German Revolution (incorrectly perceived as being a Bolshevist conspiracy) was Jewish. One of the leaders of a failed (but bloody) Spartacus Uprising in Berlin – Rosa Luxembourg – was Jewish. Leaders of two other bloody Communist uprisings (this time essentially run from Moscow) – Bavarian Soviet Republic and Hungarian Soviet Republic – were Jewish.

In summer of 1920, during the Polish-Soviet War, the Russian Bolsheviks made their first attempts to invade, conquer, occupy and subsequently destroy Europe. The commander-in-chief of the Red Army Leon Trotsky was Jewish.

From these indisputable facts (seemingly supported by the fraudulent Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion), Adolf Hitler and the Nazis made a natural (and erroneous) conclusion that Bolshevist plot to conquer and destroy the global human civilization is, indeed, a global Jewish conspiracy. Alfred Rosenberg – the chief ideologue of NSDAP even coined the term “Judeo-Bolshevism”.

In reality, while there was the “civilizational war” with the Bolshevist Soviet Union, there was no “racial war” with the Jews. Because (for starters) there was no “Jewish race”.

There was a Jewish nation, of course, but it was a very unique nation, fundamentally different from the German nation, for example.

Unlike the Germans (or any other European nation, for example), the Jewish nation was bound together by just one very powerful feeling (fear) and one very powerful desire. Fear of persecution (and of being killed) and a desire to survive and succeed against all odds. And that’s it.

In reality, the Jewish nation consisted (and still consists) of three very distinct sub-nations (sub-cultures) who are often openly hostile to each other – the Zionists, the isolationists and the assimilationists.

The Zionists wanted to leave the territory that they happen to reside and to establish a permanent residence in Palestine – in the Promised Land. The isolationists wanted to stay where they were but keep their traditional customs, culture, religion, etc. thus isolating themselves from the gentile environment (“be in the gentile world but not of it”). .

The assimilationists wanted to (and usually succeeded in) completely assimilate into whatever country they happen to live in and ultimately became (mentally, culturally, spiritually and often even religiously) a part of the corresponding nation, effectively ceasing to become Jews and becoming German, French, Russian, British, etc.

None of these sub-cultures had any desire for world domination. In fact, there is no evidence in any kind of Judaism that Jews want to dominate the world. In fact, all Jews want is to be left alone, to survive, to succeed and to help other Jews do the same.

The leaders of Bolshevik states and Bolsheviks coups were a tiny fraction of the whole Jewish populations (actually, a tiny fraction of 1% of Jewish population). In fact, they were outcasts in both Jewish community and in the society in general.

Precisely for that reason they got consumed with the explosive hatred for “the world” and made a firm commitment to destroy this world and replace it with an alternative civilization (an “ideal society”).

And because Jews are significantly overrepresented in just about every creative occupation (banking, finance, law, medicine, science, etc.), it is not surprising at all that they are overrepresented among the revolutionaries as well. After all, the latter profession requires a lot of creativity.

Therefore, Nazi Judeophobia was totally and completely unfounded (to put it mildly).


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