Messianic Expectations

Another reason for Hitler’s outstanding success was that he explicitly (or at least implicitly) claimed not only that only his way – and no other – will solve the problems of Germany, cure its ills and right all wrongs.

But that he – and no one else – can and will solve these problems, cure these ills, right these wrongs. That he – and only he – could bring Germany and Germans freedom, redemption, justice and prosperity, restore the German honor, power and glory and transform it into a political, economic and military superpower. And yes, avenge all wrongs done to her. Essentially he presented himself as the German hero, the Redeemer, the Savior, the Messiah.

These claims were very favorably received by the Germans who at that time had very powerful messianic expectations. It is natural for human beings (of any nation) at the time of the crisis to long for a Savior, a powerful individual who will come out of nowhere, solve all their problems, overcome the crisis and lead them to security, prosperity and genuine happiness.

Germans were especially prone to such messianic expectations during to their extensive heroic literature, music and folklore. Germany was (and still is) the only nation that has a legend of the emperor (Frederick I Barbarossa) who did not die but is sleeping in the mountain cave (in Kyffhäuser) and at the time of great need will wake up and return to save and unite Germany again.

It has been reported that Hitler believed he was a reincarnation of Frederick I Barbarossa. After all, he named one of his houses after him and dubbed the invasion of Russia Operation Barbarossa.


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