The Thule Society (part II)

Every political organization, by definition, pursues certain political objectives. And the fundamental objective, obviously, is to obtain sufficient political power to achieve all other objectives. And the Thule Society was no exception.

Its fundamental objective was to do away with the existing order (i.e. with the political, economic and social system) and replace it with the “ideal society”. Von Sebottendorff was an ardent admirer of Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels (founders of Ariosophy obsessed with the notion of Aryan racial superiority) so there was little (if any) doubt about how that ideal society was to look like.

It was to be dominated by the Aryan race, doing away with fear of the “inferior races” for good. The latter were to be either expelled (or even eliminated) altogether (like the Jews), or were to become servants or even slaves of the “master race”.

In the very beginning of XX century, von Sebottendorff for several years lived in Turkey. In 1911 he became a citizen of the Ottoman Empire and even fought for his new homeland in the First Balkan War of 1912-13.

At that time he came in close contact with the wing of the Young Turks, whose neo-pagan racism, expressed in its program of creating an “ethnically pure” Turkish homeland and its adoration of an idealized Turkish past, resulted in the twentieth century’s first genocide outside of colonial Africa – the mass murder of over 1.5 million of the Ottoman Empire’s Armenian subjects in 1915-16.

It is not known for sure if von Sebottendorff discussed these experiences with Adolf Hitler, but it is quite plausible that he did and thus planted the seeds of what would become one of the worst (if not the worst) genocides in human history

To ensure its permanent superiority over the “inferior races” (and to ensure the highest level of happiness), the “master race” must be carefully bred using the most efficient tools of eugenics (in their opinion, psychological was always defined by physical, not the other way around).

To provide the “master race” with the necessary emotional and spiritual nourishment, it had to be provided with the neo-pagan ersatz-religion complete with dogmas, belief system, sacred texts, mantras, symbols, rituals, priesthood, etc.

This religion will also be used to control the population (control over the emotional and spiritual nourishment can be even more efficient than control over physical nourishment).

To transform the existing society (political, economic and social system) into an ideal one, two key tools were needed: (1) a secret society of powerful people who will control (2) a political party that will appeal to large segments of the (Aryan) population – a “bridge” between the esoteric Aryan ideology and the working class.

Von Sebottendorff and other leaders of the Thule Society made only one strategic mistake – but a fatal one. They thought that they could control their baby – the DAP – and its leadership. They were dead wrong.

After Adolf Hitler became the leader of DAP (soon renamed NSDAP) he almost immediately established full control over the party, unceremoniously pushing aside the Thule Society and its leaders and completely severing the link between these two organizations. And thus delivering a mortal blow to the Society.

With its raison d’être gone, the fell into decline and was dissolved about five years later – well before Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. Von Sebottendorff returned to his beloved Turkey (his new homeland), but in 1933 came back to Germany, hoping to revive the Thule Society.

The same year he published a book “Before Hitler Came”, in which he claimed (correctly) that the Thule Society had paved the way for the Nazis and their Führer.

Predictably, this claim was not favorably received by the Nazis (Adolf Hitler did not tolerate “any gods before him”). After they obtained absolute power in Germany in 1933, esoteric organizations were suppressed (including völkisch occultists), and many closed down by anti-Masonic legislation passed in 1935.

Adolf Hitler publicly mocked the German Workers’ Party and allied völkisch forerunners, disparaging their activities as “club life of the worst manner and sort,” dismissing them as barely worthy of comment:

I shall not even speak of the unworldliness of those folkish Saint Johns of the twentieth century or their ignorance of the popular soul

Von Sebottendorff’s book was banned and he himself was arrested and imprisoned for a short period in 1934, afterwards departing into exile in Turkey where he worked as an intelligence agent for the Abwehr – German military intelligence.

On May 8th of 1945, after hearing the news of the demise of Germany’s defeat in World War II, its unconditional surrender and the demise of the Third Reich, von Sebottendorff’ committed suicide. In a very romantic fashion – by jumping into the waters of the Bosphorus Strait.

Although there is no evidence that he even attended the meetings of the Thule Society (let alone been its member), Adolf Hitler subsequently used the key elements of the teachings of the Thule Society (“master race”, eugenics, the need for the ersatz-religion) and its symbol – the swastika. However, he developed essentially his own teachings and his own neo-pagan quasi-religion (national-socialism).

Nevertheless, it is quite possible that he was aware of “all of the above” long before he became a member of DAP (most likely, from reading the Ostera magazine during his Vienna years).

Still, he once said (and probably more than once):

Anyone who understands National Socialism only as a political movement knows virtually nothing about it. It is even more than religion, it is the will to a new creation of man


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