The Public Speaker

At Lechfeld camp, Adolf Hitler was an immediate, unqualified and overwhelming success. A star performer. He gave lectures (believe it or not) on such diverse subjects as ‘Peace Conditions and Reconstruction’, ‘Emigration’, and ‘Social and Political-Economic Catchwords’ and each and every one of them was an instant hit.

He was later called “the most talented demagogue (i.e. public speaker) of his day” for a reason. For a very serious reason. From the very first minutes he totally and completely captivated his audience. According to Lorenz Frank, one of his listeners:

Herr Hitler is, I might say, a born popular speaker who, through his fanaticism and his populist style in a meeting, absolutely compels his audience to take note and share his views

Alas, the central weapon in his demagogic arsenal was antisemitism. Which at that time was very popular both in German society in general and in the Reichswehr.

Hitler’s antisemitism (Judeophobia, actually), alas, was based not on emotions or prejudices but on indisputable facts. Severely misinterpreted and misunderstood facts from which he drew entirely erroneous conclusions that he subsequently preached and acted upon.

It was an indisputable fact that the Bolshevism was an existential threat to Germany and to the whole Europe. Events in Russia, Berlin, Bavaria and Hungary (and in several German cities) proved it beyond a reasonable doubt. And a year later the Polish-Soviet war will provide another powerful and indisputable proof.

It was also a fact that the founder of Marxism (and thus of Bolshevism) was Jewish. Leaders of the Spartacist Uprising, Bavarian Soviet Republic and Hungarian Soviet republic were Jewish. The leader of the leftist Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany was Jewish.

Most of the key leaders of the Soviet Russia were Jewish. The key preacher of the “permanent revolution” strategy was Jewish. The head of Comintern that had the objective of creating the global Communist state was Jewish. And the author of the Constitution of the Weimar Republic that Hitler passionately hated was Jewish as well.

From these indisputable facts (and the Protocols of the Elders of Zion that he by that time already knew about) Adolf Hitler drew the only conclusion that he could possibly make.

That there was a global Jewish conspiracy aimed at destroying Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization and replacing it with the global Judeo-Bolshevist civilization (the global Communist state). And that the only way to save “all of the above” from destruction is to fight and win the “racial war” with the Jews and ultimately “remove all the Jews altogether”.

He was wrong. Dead wrong. Contrary to his deep (and erroneous) conviction, Jews were not a race, but a very mentally heterogeneous nation – in fact, the most diverse nation there was (and is).

Nation bound together neither by religion (there are many often very different versions of Judaism), nor by mentality (in reality when you have two Jews, you have three opinions) nor by a desire to dominate the world.

In fact, there is not a single evidence – either in any version of Judaism or in any authentic writing by any Jewish author that the Jews (any of the Jews) ever wanted to conquer and enslave the world. Or any country or nation for that matter.

The Jews were bound together by one and only one feeling – fear. Fear of persecution, robbery and death. And by a very powerful (and natural) desire to survive. This feeling and this desire were the only two driving forces behind any decision made and any action undertaken by any Jew anywhere on the planet.

With the exception of a few thousand (at the most) outcasts out of several million Jews. These individuals (some of which were baptized Christians and thus stopped being Jewish altogether) were outcasts in both the Jewish community and (like Adolf Hitler) in the society in general.

Rejection by their nation and by society in general generated in these individuals extremely powerful explosive hatred that, in turn, created a no less powerful desire to destroy the existing system and replace it with a radically different one.

And given the widespread Judeophobia (i.e. not just fear of but also a hatred for) Jews in Russia (which was actually the most anti-Semitic nation in Europe – pogrom is the Russian word, after all) it is not surprising that the Jewish outcasts possessed the most powerful hatred (hatred begets hatred) and thus the most powerful drive for a revenge and the destruction of the world that rejected and hated them.

Given the fact that the Jews are (statistically) the most creative, inventive and skillful nation (by far) it is no surprise that Jewish outcasts became the leaders of the destructive organizations and even states.

In order to draw the correct conclusions from the abovementioned indisputable facts, Adolf Hitler needed well-developed critical thinking and information processing skills. Which could be acquired only during the formal training in the academic environment (which he never got – or even attempted).

These incorrect conclusions combined with the fiery personality and indisputable talents of a public speaker, a politician and a statesman two decades later will lead to one of the worst crimes in the history of mankind – the Holocaust.

But to unleash the Holocaust he had to obtain the absolute power in Germany. And to obtain the absolute power, ne needed a tool – a political party.

Which he discovered and contacted on a fateful Friday, September 12th, 1919.

Which he discovered and contacted on a fateful Friday, September 12th, 1919. On that day, he was sent (as sort of an undercover intelligence agent) to attend (and then report on) a meeting of one German Workers’ Party (DAP) in Munich’s Sterneckerbräu beer hall (at that time many small political parties held their meetings in beer halls).

Among the responsibilities of the Army Information Department was the surveillance of about fifty Bavarian political parties and organizations ranging from the extreme Right to the far Left. Apparently, the Army brass got so paranoid after the Räterepublic calamity that it considered just about any political party to be capable of a similar endeavor.

However, the DAP was not your typical fringe right-wing party. It was a political arm of a mysterious occult group – the Thule Society.



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