The Communist International (Comintern), also known as the Third International was an international organization that had but one objective – establish a worldwide communist society.

In other words, destroy the global human civilization as we know it and replace it with an alternative civilization (subsequently referred to as the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics – a single worldwide state).

Using either the coup d’état (e.g. the one that led to the establishment of the Hungarian Soviet republic), terrorist acts (e.g. blowing up of the St. Nedelya Cathedral in Sofia in 1925), or a direct military invasion (e.g. the Russo-Polish War of 1920). Or (usually) all of the above.

Unlike the First and Second International that were international non-government organizations, Comintern was essentially an integral part, an arm, a tool of the VKP(b) – the Russian Bolshevik Party. And, therefore, was supported by the full power and enormous resources first of Soviet Russia and then of the Soviet Union.

Consequently, Comintern indeed, presented an existential threat to Europe, the Western civilization and to the whole global human civilization.

Comintern was founded at a Congress held in Moscow on March 2–6, 1919. 52 delegates from 34 parties were present, including Communist parties of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Great Britain, Ireland, Australia and Japan.

Comintern was led and managed by Grigory Zinoviev (Chairman of the Executive Committee), who was a Jew (his real name was Hirsch Apfelbaum).

From these indisputable facts, with his background, prejudices and deficiencies Adolf Hitler could make only the following two conclusions. Yes, Communism (more specifically, Soviet Russia) presents an existential threat to Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilizations. And yes, it is all a global Jewish conspiracy.

As usual, damn right on the first count and dead wrong on the second.


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