Bavarian Soviet Republic

In the Second Reich, the Kingdom of Bavaria was a semi-autonomous state. It was mostly Roman Catholic (the rest of Germany was mostly Protestant), had its own army, railways, a postal service and even its very own king (Ludwig III). Who met the same fate as the German Kaiser Wilhelm II after the revolts of German sailors started the November Revolution of 1918.

On 7 November 1918 (the first anniversary of the Russian revolution) King Ludwig III fled with his family to Hungary (unlike the Kaiser, he returned a year and a half later). Kurt Eisner, a politician of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany (USPD) – became minister-president (head of government) of a newly proclaimed independent People’s State of Bavaria.

USPD was the offspring of SPD created by leftists within the latter for whom SPD was “not left enough”. Kurt Eisner was Jewish and so was USPD leader Hugo Haase. Which, obviously, led Adolf Hitler to an obvious (and an entirely erroneous) conclusion that the whole thing was a Jewish conspiracy. Perceptions, alas, are the only reality.

As the new government predictably failed to provide even the most basic services, Eisner’s USPD was defeated in the January 1919 election, coming in sixth place. On 21 February 1919, he was shot dead by the right-wing nationalist Anton Graf von Arco auf Valley. Who in 1924 was evicted from his cell 70 at Stadelheim prison (where he was serving his sentence for murdering Eisner) to make way for… Adolf Hitler.

This assassination was a colossal blunder (Eisner was on his way to the parliament to announce his resignation), because it only made him a martyr for the leftist cause.

And prompted demonstrations, civil unrest and a general revolt which ultimately (on April 7th) led to the establishment of a Communist dictatorship led initially by Ernst Toller – a USPD member and, of course, a Jew. The minister of education was also Jewish – not a smart thing to do in Bavaria where schools were run mostly by Catholic nuns.

Like many assassinations, the murder of Eisner only made things go from bad to worse. Much worse. On Sunday, April 12th, 1919, only six days into Toller’s regime, the Communist Party seized power, led by three immigrants from Russia, two of whom were Jewish, with Eugen Leviné (a Jew) as head of state.

The Leviné government received the public blessing of Vladimir Lenin – head of Russian Bolshevik government, who at the annual May Day celebration in Red Square in Moscow, proclaimed:

The liberated working class is celebrating its anniversary not only in Soviet Russia, but also in Soviet Bavaria

Inspired (if not outright directed) by his Russian comrades, Leviné began to enact hard-core communist reforms, which included forming a “Red Army” from factory workers, seizing cash, food supplies, and privately-owned guns, expropriating luxurious apartments and giving them to the homeless and placing factories under the ownership and control of their workers. One of Munich’s main churches was taken over and made into a revolutionary temple dedicated to the “Goddess of Reason.” (whatever that meant).

Predictably, the shortages of food (especially milk) and other basic goods quickly became a problem (Communists are notoriously bad at feeding people). Which no less predictably prompted the military intervention by the rival People’s State of Bavaria (which existed parallel to the Soviet Republic).

To crush the Communists, the Socialist Johannes Hoffmann – PSB leader – brought in 20,000 battle-hardened Freikorps troops commanded by Lt. General Burghard von Oven. These troops surrounded Munich and on May 1st began the assault on BSR capital.

In two days it was all over. Unfortunately, the Freikorps did not save hostages taken by the Communists – they were shot on April 30th. So were Communist leaders – Leviné and his comrades (Egilhaufer and Landauer). All in all, about a thousand of Communists and anarchists were executed by the victorious Freikorps.

The short, bloody and tragic story of Bavarian Soviet Republic only strengthened Hitler’s key convictions. Yes, the Communists, if left unchecked, will seize power by an armed uprising. Yes, they will destroy everything they will be able to lay their red hands on. Yes, it is all a global conspiracy inspired and directed from Moscow. And yes, this is a part of a global Jewish conspiracy.

As before, Adolf Hitler was perfectly correct on first three counts. And dead wrong on the last one.


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