Three Communist Uprisings

The year 1919 witnessed three Communist uprising that further strengthened Hitler’s deep conviction that (1) Marxists want to take over Germany and transform it into a Communist dictatorship and (2) it is a global Jewish conspiracy. He was correct on the first count and dead wrong on the second.

These three uprisings were (1) Spartacus Uprising in Berlin in January; (2) Bavarian Soviet Republic in April-May and (3) Hungarian Soviet Republic in March-August.

Similar Communist uprisings occurred (and were quickly suppressed) in other parts of Germany – in Bremen, the Ruhr, Rhineland, Saxony, Hamburg, Thuringia and another round of even bloodier street battles occurred in Berlin in March.

Leaders of all three uprisings – Rosa Luxemburg, Ernst Toller, Eugen Leviné and Bela Kun were Jewish and had strong ties with the Russian Bolshevist government. Adolf Hitler was correct in his conclusions that all three uprisings were the result of a Bolshevist conspiracy to seize power in Europe (they were) but was totally wrong when he concluded that it was a Jewish conspiracy.

In reality, all four Jewish political activists were outcasts – both in society in general and in the Jewish community (their conspiracy was about class warfare, not “racial war”).

Nevertheless, all these uprising strengthened Hitler’s deep belief that the Jews represent an existential threat to German race and must be treated accordingly.


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