The Savior and the Destroyer

At the end of 1932, Germany desperately needed a savoir. The leader who would cure its economic ills (especially the crushing unemployment), radically improve the quality of life of ordinary Germans, do away with humiliating restrictions imposed by the criminal Treaty of Versailles, return lands taken from Germany at gunpoint and transform the defeated, poor, depressed nation into a political, economic and military superpower.

But, first and foremost, save it from seemingly inevitable invasion, conquest and destruction (by being transformed into one of the many republics of the global USSR). In other words, the leader who will fight and win the existential war for the very survival of Germany as they knew it.

Great nations (and Germany obviously is a great nation) are known to have a pretty powerful survival instinct. So it got the savior it so badly needed. The Führer, the CEO, the commander-in-chief, the Messiah, if you will.

It got Adolf Hitler. Who successfully solved all abovementioned problems, cured all these ills and did save Germany, Europe, the Christian Church, the Christian civilization and the whole global human civilization from being invaded, conquered, destroyed and replaced with a radically different civilization – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

But the cure, alas, turned out to be extremely toxic. The side effects were simply murderous – in a very literal sense. In many (if mot most) aspects, Germany and the whole were much, much worse off in 1945 when Adolf Hitler committed suicide than they were in 1933 when he came to power in Germany.

In this chapter I will examine how (and why) Adolf Hitler saved “all of the above” and caused such an enormous destruction and loss of life in the process. And, of course, how he ended up committing such horrendous crimes against humanity.


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