The November Revolution

Contrary to what Adolf Hitler and Nazis subsequently preached, neither Marxists (let alone Russian Bolsheviks), nor Jews (with the exception of a few outcasts) had anything to do with the November Revolution in Germany.

In fact, “November Criminals” (i.e. German Social-Democrats), for all practical purposes, saved Germany from being destroyed by a Communist takeover and the subsequent inevitable civil war (Russia-style) by seizing power (when everything was falling apart) and using that power to implement the necessary (and overdue) political, economic and social reforms. It was no betrayal; it was a rescue.

The revolution was inevitable because the German elites (first and foremost, its aristocracy) had way too much political, economic and social power. And when they lost the Great War by committing unbelievable blunders, the ordinary German decided that they had enough. And quite predictably rebelled.

And only political skills and courage of Social-democratic leaders – Friedrich Ebert, Gustav Noske, Philipp Scheidemann,  Otto Wels, Waldemar Pabst, Matthias Erzberger,  Hugo Preuß (the only Jew among them), and Eugen Schiffer prevented the disaster of enormous proportions.

Unfortunately, Adolf Hitler was way too poisoned with nationalist prejudices to recognize that. Instead of hailing Social-Democrats as patriots and heroes (who they undoubtedly were), he developed an enormous and all-consuming hatred for them.

Which after he obtained the absolute power in Germany in March of 1933 resulted in a ruthless and complete destruction of SPD and brutal persecution of its leaders and activists who were sent to concentration camps, tortured and even murdered.

However, while Adolf Hitler was completely wrong about the nature, essence and driving forces behind the November Revolution in Germany (that had nothing to do with Jews or the existential threat of Bolshevism), he was right about the nature, essence and the driving forces of three other coups (one coup and two revolutions) that took place in Berlin, Munich and Budapest.


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