One Friend, No Women

It is almost unbelievable, but during his tenure in Vienna, Adolf Hitler had no close friends except August Kubizek (whom he affectionately called “Gustl”). Actually, during 1908 the only other person with whom young Adolf had regular contact was his landlady, Frau Zakreys. Nor did Kubizek and Hitler have any joint acquaintances.

It is unbelievable because both Gustl and Hitler’s sister Paula later stated that he loved delivering lectures and was good at it, possessing both charisma (which attracts people like flies) and oratory skills. Which Adolf Hitler confirmed a decade later, commanding attention of dozens, then hundreds, then thousands and then millions.

Why then didn’t he even try to put together his “fan club” that would have provided him with emotional support, respect, admiration and adoration he so badly needed?

There is an obvious explanation, of course. After having been rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts for the first time (in October 1907) and the untimely death of his beloved and loving mother, he fell into a deep depression (given his outbursts of anger and his periodic grandiose ideas, probably of a bipolar nature). Depression that was further reinforced after he was rejected by the Academy for the second time.

And deeply depressed individuals usually do not seek companionship – they withdraw into themselves, into their own private world. Or escape into an artificial world (e.g. of Wagnerian operas).

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