Why Didn’t God Allow the Nazi Germany to Win the War?

In the fall of 1941, Hitler was literally days away from winning the war on the Eastern front and the whole war in Europe. But he let the practically inevitable victory to slip through his fingers, his blitzkrieg to be transformed into a war of attrition on two fronts which he was bound to lose – and ultimately lost. And God allowed it to happen. Why?

The answer is simple – because God respects human Freedom of Will. And thus allows an individual – including Adolf Hitler – to make even disastrous mistakes. And reap the consequences.

God did not care whether Adolf Hitler won World War II or not – all He cared about was whether he prevents the Soviet Union from destroying the Christian Church and the whole Christian civilization.

And thus provided the Nazis with just enough support to fulfil this Divine Mission. Which was enough to save the Church and the whole Christian civilization – but not sufficient to win the Second World War. 

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