Where Was God?

This fundamental question perturbs those readers who – like myself – believe in the existence of an omniscient, omnipresent and omnipotent God. More specifically, Christian God. And, therefore, want answers to the following fundamental questions:

  1. Which side were the Nazis on? God or Devil? And why?
  2. Which side were the Allies on? I mean, Britain, the USA and, the most importantly, the Soviet Union? And Stalin, Churchill, Roosevelt and Truman personally?
  3. Why did the omnipotent God allow the Nazis to come to power? Help them establish their dictatorship? Rebuild the economic and military might of Germany? Score truly miraculous military victories? Occupy huge territories in the West and in the East?
  4. Why didn’t God allow the Nazi Germany to win the war? In the fall of 1941, Hitler was literally days away from winning the war on the Eastern front and the whole war in Europe. But he let the practically inevitable victory to slip through his fingers, his blitzkrieg to be transformed into a war of attrition on two fronts which he was bound to lose – and ultimately lost.
  5. Why did God allow Nazis to exterminate six million Jews? Six million of His chosen people have been shot or gassed – a mass murder of truly monstrous proportions that could have been easily prevented. But God did not save His chosen people. Why?
  6. Why did God allow Nazis to exterminate many millions of Russians, Poles, etc.? Exactly how many, we still do not know, but, for example, at least 20 million Soviet combatants died on the WW2 battlefields in Europe and about six million Soviet civilians were murdered by the Nazis (making it the ‘second Holocaust’).

I will try to answer all these questions to the best of my knowledge and abilities in a separate chapter of my book (and thus in a series of blog posts). I am Roman Catholic, so I will inevitably provide answers from Catholic perspective.

However, I am confident that these answers will be acceptable to members of other Christian denominations – Protestant, Orthodox, etc.


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