The Existential Threat

To properly understand the structure and behavior of Nazi Germany, decisions and actions of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis, you must always keep in mind that from the very first days of its existence, NSDAP (and later the Nazi state and whole Third Reich) faced the existential Bolshevist threat.

In one of the chapters of my book, I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that the leader of the Soviet Union Joseph Stalin made a firm commitment to conquer, occupy and destroy Europe and the whole human civilization and replace it with the alternative civilization – the global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

And built (with an assistance of “useful idiots” from Europe and the United States) military-industrial system (one of the most powerful in human history) quite capable of achieving that objective.

Consequently, whether it liked it or not, whether it wanted it or not, Nazi Germany had to fight the existential war with the Soviet Union (by that time, a genuine political, economic and military superpower).


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