Nuremberg Trial: No Deterrent

One of the noble objectives of the main Nuremberg Trial was to serve as a powerful deterrent (actually, this is one of the objectives of any criminal trial). In other words, to make sure that war crimes and crimes against humanity (genocide, democide, other mass murder, etc.) never happen again.

Unfortunately, with the message sent by the trial, it is no surprise that it was no deterrent. In fact, right during the Nuremberg trial the Soviet Union and its East European puppets were committing a monstrous crime against humanity, deporting millions of Germans (who were guilty only of being German) from Eastern Europe.

Twelve million were deported and over two million murdered. It was genocide plain and simple, but no one was ever charged with this crime (let alone convicted). For a very simple reason – these crimes were committed by the victors.

However, it was not the only genocide/democide committed after the World War II. There were at least four other:

  1. Democide in Communist North Korea (1948 – 1987). Death toll: over 1.6 million. Other estimates run as high as 3.5 million. Persecutions and murder of ‘enemies of the people’ continue to this day.
  2. ‘Cultural Revolution’ in China (1966 – 1976). Death toll – 3 million (more than perished in Operation Reinhard). 36 million more were persecuted (beaten, imprisoned, sent to forced labor camps, exiled to rural areas, etc.). Large-scale human rights abuses are still a part of a supposedly modern China.
  3. Khmer Rouge democide in Cambodia (1975 – 1979). Death toll – 2 million (about 25% of the total population). Pol Pot and his cronies would have killed a lot more, but, fortunately, the Vietnamese invaded Cambodia in 1979 and quickly put an end to the Khmer Rouge bloody dictatorship and its crimes.
  4. Tutsi genocide in Rwanda (1994). In just three months (April – July) about 1 million Tutsis (the same number of Jews have been killed in Auschwitz in three years) have been killed in unspeakably brutal ways. This massacre could have easily been prevented but neither the UN, nor any major power (Britain, France, the USA, etc.) cared a damn. It seems that nothing has changed in half a century.



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