Myth: Nazis Were Bankrolled by Big Corporate Donors

No, the Nazis were neither “financed” nor “bankrolled” by big corporate donors. During its rise to power, the Nazi Party did receive some money from corporate sources — including Thyssen and, briefly, industrialist Ernst von Borsig — but business leaders mostly remained at arm’s length.

For a very understandable reason – Hitler was committed to transforming the elitist Weimar Republic into a clearly socialist state (not an attractive project for the big business).

The Nazi party’s program, the Twenty-Five Points, called for the nationalization of corporations and trusts, revenue sharing, and the end of “interest slavery.” Capitalism, the Nazis charged, “enslaves human beings under the slogan of progress, technology, rationalization, standardization, etc.” Which for the “captains of industry and finance” was more than uncomfortable – it was downright scary.

NSDAP largely depended on grass-roots sources of funding (membership dues, subscriptions to the party press, admission to events and so forth). The Nazi propaganda machine — the dances, the “German evenings,” the concerts, the speeches — was also a powerful moneymaking operation

Source: Washington Post



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