Myth: Victory of Allied Powers Was the Best Outcome of World War II

Not necessarily. Let’s assume for a moment that Adolf Hitler made the right strategic decision in August 1941, stuck to the fundamental principles of blitzkrieg, captured Moscow (in late September or early October at the latest) and signed peace treaty with the Soviet Government (with or without Stalin) similar to the one signed by the Soviet Russia in Brest-Litovsk in 1918 (also with Germany).

And thus won the war on the Eastern Front.

After Nazi victory on the Eastern Front (thus and a comprehensive defeat and destruction of the Red Army), the British government would have undoubtedly lost all hope of ever winning the war with Germany.

And the US Government would have lost any incentive to get involved in the European war (which without the enormous amounts of Soviet “cannon fodder”) was not winnable. Period.

Consequently, His Majesty government (with or without Churchill) would have undoubtedly signed a peace treaty with Nazi Germany on the acceptable (and possibly even generous) terms. Thus ending the war in Europe. And the US government would have successfully averted the war with Japan (which for the American elite was but a way to get into the European war).

Dozens of millions of lives would have been saved. A large-scale destruction of the Soviet Union, Easter Europe, France, Germany, etc. would have been prevented. And it is very probable (quite likely, actually), that the Holocaust would have never happened.

In one of the subsequent chapters of this book I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that Nazis unleashed the Holocaust (mass murder of Jews) because they sincerely (and incorrectly) believed that to win the existential war with Bolshevism (which they incorrectly perceived as the Jewish project) that had to physically exterminate all Jews.

Victory over Bolshevism meant that the existential war was over. Nazis won. Consequently, they no longer had this incentive to annihilate the Jewish population. Therefore, it is very likely (almost certain, actually) that Nazis would have reverted to a much less murderous “solution to the Jewish question” (e.g. the Madagascar plan). Obviously, any “solution” was a crime against humanity, but millions of Jewish lives almost certainly would have been saved.

In one of the subsequent chapters of this book I will prove beyond the reasonable doubt that Nazis committed mass murders on occupied territories (unrelated to the Holocaust) only where they faced a significant armed Resistance (guerillas, partisans, etc.) activities. In other words, as a key component of ‘pacification’ (anti-guerilla) measures.

These activities were either instigated and supported by the adversaries of the Third Reich (Soviet Union, Britain, etc.), or fueled by hope of eventual liberation from Nazi occupation by the victorious Allies. Or both.

Nazi victory would have deprived the guerillas of often vital Allied support and all hope of eventual liberation from Nazi yoke would have been lost. Consequently, armed Resistance activities would have either reduced to a negligible level or disappeared altogether.

Which would have automatically drastically reduced (if not stopped completely) mass murders of the civilian population. Again, millions of lives would have been saved.

Decisive victory on the Eastern front would have allowed the Nazis to set free millions of Soviet POWs (the war was over, so they no longer presented a military threat). Which would have saved over three million lives.

Paradoxically, Nazi victory in World War II could have resulted in a quick demise of the Nazi regime. As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, in 1941 Nazi regime (and personally Adolf Hitler) enjoyed the support of over 90% of German population.

Unfortunately for The Führer, the remaining 10% included some very powerful individuals and entities. Individuals and entities who had every reason to fear for their positions, safety and even lives after Nazi victory in World War II.

These entities were the Army, the Church (both Catholic and Protestant), the aristocracy and the business elites. With very few exceptions, individuals who belonged to these entities were no Nazis (they were German nationalists, not Nazis) and considered the latter the necessary evil.

Necessary to transform the country devastated by the defeat in Great War, draconian terms of the Treaty of Versailles and economic disasters into a secure, prosperous and a genuinely happy nation – a global economic, political and military superpower. And, of course, to win the existential war and save Germany from being invaded, conquered, occupied and destroyed by Bolsheviks.

Der Mohr hat seine Schuldigkeit getan; der Mohrkann gehen. The Moor has done his job, now the Moor can go. Must go, actually. The abovementioned entities no longer needed The Führer – and had every reason to fear him and his regime.

By 1941, Heinrich Himmler has already created Waffen SS and developed it into a formidable military force – the most efficient and fearsome force in the history of mankind. And – unlike Wehrmacht – obediently loyal to The Führer and the Nazi regime.

Himmler openly pursued his dream of creating the State Protection Corps that would have brought together into one all-encompassing organization (obviously, the SS) all military and security entities in the Third Reich, Including Wehrmacht.

In other words, SS Reichsfuhrer wanted to achieve what the SA commander Ernst Röm wanted to do in 1934. Röm did not get support from Hitler for this endeavor and was subsequently overthrown and killed (with full support of the Army).

But Himmler was no Röm – and could very well obtain Hitler’s support (The Führer did not trust the generals and would have felt much more comfortable with the fiercely loyal SS in charge of his armed forces).

So the German Army brass had serious reasons to be afraid of the second edition of the Night of Long Knives – this time directed against the top Army generals. And because it was their lives that were at stake they had sufficient incentive to plan and execute the coup.

In other words, to finish what Hans Oster and his co-conspirators planned (and almost did) in 1938 – right before the Munich agreement was signed.

The Christian Church (both catholic and Protestant) was well aware of the indisputable fact that national-socialism (essentially, a neo-pagan quasi-religion) was incompatible with Christianity.

And thus had a very serious reason to fear that Adolf Hitler would do what Stalin did in the USSR – completely eradicate Christianity and replace it with national-socialism as the official (and only allowed) religion in Germany.

German aristocracy loathed the egalitarian society that Hitler created on the ruins of the Weimar republic. They wanted the general population to work for them, not the other way around (as was the case in Nazi Germany).

And the “captains of German economy” – the business elite – simply hated the socialist society that Hitler created (and, of course, wanted to return to the “classic” capitalism of Weimar Republic).

Consequently, there was a “critical mass” needed to overthrow the Nazi regime and replace it with military junta (Kriegsmarine would have happily joined the party as it was no more Nazi than the Army and one of the key Luftwaffe officials was Generalfeldmarschall Erhard Milch who was half-Jewish and thus no Nazi lover). And then with the reincarnation of Weimar Republic or a constitutional British-style monarchy.

Gestapo was forbidden by law (which was strictly observed) to spy on the military so it is highly unlikely that it would have uncovered the coup in time and thus saved the Nazi regime. After all, it was completely unaware both of the aborted 1938 coup and of the July 20th plot in 1944 (the Wolfschanze explosion caught it completely by surprise).

Consequently, it is very likely that Germany, Europe and the whole world would have been far better off had Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany won the Second World War.


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