Myth: The Western Allied Powers Liberated Germany

Yes and no. True, Western Allies (the USA, Britain, France, etc.) did return to the (West) German population a number of fundamental freedoms (civil liberties) of Weimar Republic that the Nazi regime deprived them of – freedom of speech, media, political and social activity, associations, etc.

However, given the fact that 90% of German population supported the Nazi regime (even in 1945), Germans did not consider these liberties vital or even important. They were genuinely happy even without these freedoms – and were working hard and fighting heroically (on both Western and Eastern fronts) to protect the Nazi regime from being destroyed by victorious Allies.

Consequently, by destroying the Nazi regime and replacing it with essentially the (significantly improved) reincarnation of Weimar Republic, the Western Allies essentially liberated Germans from happiness. Which can hardly be considered a genuine liberation at all.



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