Myth: Nazi Germany Bears Sole Responsibility for World War II (Part I)

Absolutely not. In reality, five countries must share the blame for the outbreak of World War II – Nazi Germany (of course), Great Britain, France, the Soviet Union and the United States.

Ironically, the only nation that did not want to start a global war was… Nazi Germany. Adolf Hitler wanted only to acquire Lebensraum (‘living space’) for Germans in Poland, Bohemia and Moravia (present-day Czech Republic) and, of course, in the Soviet Union.

Driven by but one fundamental objective – to make Germany self-sufficient in food and key natural resources (to make sure the horrors of Blockade of Germany in 1914-19 never happen again). And thus had no desire to start a war with Britain or France (especially with Britain).

However, by invading Poland, Nazi Germany gave Britain and France casus belli that they so desperately wanted to declare war on Germany. And thus to start a genuinely global war. Consequently, Nazi Germany provoked World War II and thus, obviously, shares the responsibility for its outbreak.

Nazi invasion of Poland gave Britain and France casus belli because on March 31st, 1939 the latter nations (France via Britain) provided the former with “guarantees of the Polish independence”.

Which at that time did not explicitly promise declaration of war on the invader or even military assistance (the latter was guaranteed only on August 25th, 1939). However, the latter promised only the military assistance, not to declare the full-fledged war on the aggressor.

In fact, these “guarantees” read as if they had but one objective – provide Britain and France with casus belli for declaring a war on Nazi Germany after its (as they knew at that time) inevitable invasion of Poland.

On September 17th, 1939 the Red Army invaded Poland in an act of aggression totally identical to the one committed by Nazi Germany on the first day of September.

The Polish ambassador in London, Raczyński, immediately contacted the British Foreign Office pointing out that clause 1(b) of the agreement which concerned an “aggression by a European power” on Poland, should apply to the Soviet invasion.

The Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax unceremoniously responded that the obligation of British Government towards Poland arising out of the Anglo-Polish Agreement, was restricted to Germany, according to the first clause of the secret protocol.

Which could mean only one thing – Great Britain (or France for that matter which also did not declare war on the Soviet aggressor) did not care a rat’s ass (pardon my French) about the independence of Poland. All they cared about was casus belli that they needed to declare war on Germany and thus (as it was perfectly evident to them) start the new world war.

Why did they want to declare war on Nazi Germany – especially after they did not do that after Hitler occupied all of Bohemia and Moravia in March of 1939?

The only logical explanation was fear (which some Christian theologians include in the list of deadly sins). By mid-summer of 1939 Nazi Germany presented to the whole Europe (and to the whole world) political, economic and social model far superior to the liberal democracy in terms of economic and social achievements and of the whole level of happiness of its citizens. The whole alternative civilization, actually.

Adolf Hitler made practically all German population far happier than the population of Britain, France or any other European nation (or the USA or Canada for that matter). He created the first genuinely social state – a very attractive alternative to the systems that existed in the abovementioned nations.

The state where the elite served the people (i.e., the general public), not the other way around as was the case in “all of the above”. No wonder that the ruling elites of Britain, France, the United States, Canada, etc. were scared shitless (pardon my French) that the citizens of their nations would want to perform a radical reengineering of their countries and replace liberal democracies with national-socialist states.

The conclusion is plain and simple – Britain and France wanted to declare war on Germany (and thus to start World War II) and provided Poland with “guarantees” to obtain the necessary casus belli. Consequently, these nations bear a lion’s share of responsibility for the outbreak of World War II.



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