Myth: Everybody Was Fighting the Same World War II

No. The reality was far more complicated than that. Actually, just about every belligerent nation was fighting more than one war (often at the same time). Consequently, World War II was not just one was, but a complicated bundle of eleven wars:

  1. War waged by the Soviet Union to conquer, occupy and ultimately destroy the European and the whole global human civilization by transforming it into an alternative civilization – global Union of Soviet Socialist Republics
  2. War fought by the Axis powers to save themselves, the European and the global human civilization from being conquered, occupied and ultimately destroyed by the Soviet Union (the flip side of war #1). Wars #1 and #2 formed the existential war – essence of World War II. Interestingly enough, all Axis powers except Finland fought under Christian crosses (Finnish swastika was also a Christian symbol – but not only Christian)
  3. War fought by the Western Allied powers (the USA, the UK, France, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, British and French colonies, etc.) to invade and occupy Greater Germany (Germany & Austria), destroy the Nazi civilization and replace it with the liberal-democratic political, economic and social system.
  4. War fought by the Axis powers to save the unique Nazi civilization from being destroyed by the Allied Powers. The flip side of War #3 and the existential war as well
  5. War fought by Nazi Germany to get back territories taken away from her by the provisions of the infamous Treaty of Versailles. And keep them, of course
  6. War fought by Nazi Germany to acquire (via invasion, occupation and annexation) territories necessary and sufficient to obtain enough Lebensraum to make Germany self-sufficient in food and key natural resources (to make sure that the horrors of Blockade of Germany never happen again). And to make nations in the East (Poles, Russians, other Slavs, etc.) their servants and even slaves.
  7. War fought by Western Allied Powers to liberate Western European nations (France, Benelux, Denmark, Norway, Greece) from Nazi occupation.
  8. War fought by the Soviet Union to liberate its territories (as well as Poland, Bohemia & Moravia, Albania and Yugoslavia) from a brutal, oppressive, outright criminal and murderous Nazi occupation
  9. Wars fought by national liberation movements in Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic states for independence from both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union
  10. Ethnic wars (between Poles and Ukrainians in Western Ukraine, Serbs and Croats in Yugoslavia, etc.)
  11. Civil wars between pro-German and pro-Russian forces in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, etc.


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