Myth: Adolf Hitler Wanted to Conquer/Dominate the World

No, he did not. Adolf Hitler (like just about every Nazi and every German at that time) was a genuine patriot (albeit a national-sociopath) who deeply and sincerely loved Germany and Germans and wanted Germany to be a secure, prosperous and powerful nation (albeit at the expense of other nations).

Consequently, he wanted only to (a) unite all territories with the significant German population into Ein Reich; (b) transform the country devastated by war, draconian terms of the Versailles treaty and economic disasters into a global economic, political and military superpower; and (3) occupy enough territories in Eastern Europe (including the European part of the then-USSR) to make Germany self-sufficient in food and natural resources (to ensure that the horrors of 1914-19 Blockade of Germany will never happen again).

The latter objective required waging an aggressive (offensive) war and thus was a crime according to international law, but it did not prove the intent of dominating (conquering) the whole world.

True, during World War II Nazi Germany occupied Bohemia and Moravia (Slovakia was an independent nation then), Poland, France, Benelux countries, Denmark, Norway, Yugoslavia, Albania, northern part of Italy and a significant chunk of the European part of the then-Soviet Union.

But only occupation of Bohemia, Moravia, Poland and the Soviet Union were driven by the abovementioned Lebensraum (‘living space’) objectives. All other conquests were driven by purely military necessity of the war in Europe.

And given the indisputable fact that Joseph Stalin made a firm decision to invade Germany (and Europe) sometime in summer of 1941 (some historians argue that the invasion was to begin on June 23rd), Adolf Hitler had no other choice but to strike first (Lebensraum or no Lebensraum) to save Germany and the whole European civilization to be occupied and destroyed by the Bolsheviks.

To deliver this devastating pre-emptive strike, Nazi Germany had to have a common border with the Soviet Union. Consequently, it had no other choice but to invade Poland that separated Germany from the USSR (again, Lebensraum or no Lebensraum).

Actually, it was Stalin who wanted to conquer the whole world. And not just wanted, but built an immensely powerful economic, political and military machine aimed at one and only one objective – conquering the whole Europe and ultimately the whole world. I will prove it beyond the reasonable doubt in one of the subsequent chapters of this book.



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