Debunking Common Myths about Nazi Germany

As I have already mentioned, most (if not practically all) ‘mainstream’ books on Nazi Germany written by both professional and amateur historians, are based on strong antipathy (if not outright hatred) towards the Third Reich, the Nazis and personally towards Adolf Hitler.

Which makes them propaganda, not genuine history (genuine history is a science and is thus emotionally neutral and based neither on sympathy nor antipathy towards anyone or anything but only on indisputable facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense).

Every kind of propaganda (and anti-Nazi propaganda disguised as history is no exception) spreads myths. Actually, it is based on myths. Consequently, it is no surprise that the ‘mainstream’ books on Nazi Germany contain (and thus spread) not a small number of myths about the Third Reich, its Führer Adolf Hitler and individual structures and personalities of Nazi Germany.

Thus creating a heavily distorted, biased and fundamentally wrong picture of Nazi Germany, its structure, personalities, decisions, actions, etc.

Therefore, the solemn duty of every honest, objective, unbiased and impartial historian of Nazi Germany to debunk these, alas, common and persistent myths and thus right the historical wrongs and present the realistic, unbiased and genuine picture of Nazi Germany (in fact, of the unique Nazi civilization).

This whole book will do just that – implicitly debunk all these myths and explicitly present the authentic picture of Nazi Germany. To emphasize this all-important objective, I decided to start my book with the chapter that will explicitly debunk the most common myths about Nazi Germany. 


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