Book Overview

This book is the only genuinely comprehensive guide, textbook and reference book on Nazi Germany available on the market today. It covers all key components of the Nazi system (political, economic, social, military, etc.) and of its environment.

Moreover, it shows how all these components interacted and worked together, creating the unique Nazi civilization. Consequently, it replaces the whole library of books on Nazi Germany.

The book is genuine history (i.e., science) – not political propaganda. Consequently, it is emotionally neutral (i.e. exhibits neither sympathy nor antipathy towards Nazi Germany and individual Nazis).

And, therefore, is based not on emotions, but only on indisputable historical facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense. Consequently, it is one of the, alas, very few genuinely fair, objective and unbiased books on Nazi Germany.

Like any genuinely historical (i.e. scientific) book, it does not pass moral judgement on decisions and actions of Nazi officials (military or civilian). It only answers the key questions of history: who did what and why, what were the objectives of decisions and actions in question, whet were the actual consequences and why they were different from the intended ones (if they, indeed, were).

However, this book does pass functional and legal judgements – whether a certain decision or action was the best one under the circumstances and whether it constituted a crime (war crime, crime against humanity, etc.).

The book is popular history, not academic history. Consequently, it is intended to be read (used, actually) by just about anyone interested in Nazi Germany, its structure, functions and history.

This book is the product of an amateur historian (Nazi Germany history buff since the age of five or so) who just happened to have a solid training and extensive experience in knowledge management, systems analysis, economics, finance, political analysis, individual and social psychology and used this knowledge and experience to produce this unique book.

Data and information used in this book came from both secondary sources (books, papers, articles, etc. on Nazi Germany) and primary sources (documents, pictures, video, etc.) available online.

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