Comprehensive, Objective and Impartial Book

Russel Stolfi, professor emeritus at the US Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, and retired colonel in the US Marine Corps Reserve in his book “Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny” boldly stated:

Half a century after [the death of the Führer of Germany], no biographer or historian has put together an adequate interpretation of Adolf Hitler”.

Which was, alas, true and correct. And the same can be said about the whole Nazi Germany – more than seven decades after the demise of the Third Reich has put together an adequate picture of Nazi Germany.

Due to mostly two fundamental reasons. First, historians simply lack the necessary training and experience in two areas – knowledge management and systems analysis – absolutely vital and indispensable for putting together a truly comprehensive picture of the Third Reich.

And their training (and especially experience) in economics and finance are woefully inadequate for providing a comprehensive picture and understanding of the corresponding components of the ‘Nazi system’.

Second, practically all books on Nazi Germany are based not on facts, logics and common sense (as they should have been), but on emotions. “Orthodox” (“mainstream”) books are based on antipathy (if not outright hatred) for Nazis and Nazi Germany; “revisionist” (i.e. essentially neo-Nazi) ones – on sympathy (if not outright adoration and even worship of the Third Reich and its Führer). Which automatically makes them biased and thus simply un-scientific.

Both kinds of books, alas, start with conclusions and thus are written in exactly the wrong way. And both make moral judgements (negative or positive), which makes them not history (i.e. not science) but either anti-Nazi or neo-Nazi propaganda.

Consequently, there is a tremendous need for a comprehensive, objective and impartial book on Nazi Germany. The one written from an emotionally neutral position (neither sympathy, nor antipathy) and the one that makes no moral judgements (positive or negative) of Adolf Hitler’s (and other Nazis’) decisions and actions.

In other words, makes only functional (e.g. whether Adolf Hitler or another Nazi in question made the best possible decision in a given situation) and legal (whether his particular decision or action constituted a crime) judgements. And, of course, based strictly on indisputable facts, rock-solid logic and good old common sense.

And that’s exactly what this book is.



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