Hitler’s Family – Conclusion

In short, Adolf Hitler was born and raised in a better-than average financially comfortable middle-class family (which for him became a model German family). He respected and admired his father who (as a self-made man) became a powerful role model for young Adolf.

His mother loved him deeply and provided him with higher-than-average amount of motherly love. And he deeply and passionately loved her in return. He was very closely attached to his mother (much more than a typical son) and she – to him.

There was a certain amount of physical abuse by his father but most likely not more than usual at that time and definitely not enough to develop in him any negative feelings towards his father.

For his sister he was a loving ‘father figure’ and while it was most likely a ‘tough love’, it was love nevertheless. He and Paula were very emotionally close and very fond of each other. There was also no evidence of Judeophobia, nationalism or racism in his family and the level of domestic violence was definitely not above average (most likely, well below average) for that time.

Consequently, there was nothing in his family environment that could have made him a national-sociopath or an individual willing to use extreme violence (let alone murder) to solve problems and achieve results. That obviously came later – much later.

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