Key Similarities between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

  1. Both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were self-made men – both started at the very bottom of social ladders in their countries and transformed themselves into immensely powerful leaders of economic, political and military superpowers
  2. Both were foreigners among their countrymen – Hitler was Austrian among Germans; Stalin was Georgian among the Russians
  3. Both have radically reengineered their respective countries – Russian ‘February’ Republic and Weimar Republic
  4. Both have built unique totalitarian systems (unique civilizations, actually) – the Third Reich and the Soviet Union
  5. Both based these unique civilizations on unique totalitarian ideologies – national-socialism and Bolshevism (‘Communism’ is a much less appropriate term)
  6. Both made a personality cult of a Leader (‘Führer’ and ‘Vozhd’) a central part of the corresponding ideology
  7. Both created essentially criminal political regimes (systems) that committed horrendous crimes on a daily (if not hourly) basis
  8. Both transformed countries devastated by war and economic disasters into political, economic and military superpowers (i.e. performed incredible quantum leaps)
  9. Both were the most influential political leaders of the XX century, essentially shaping it (to a very significant degree)
  10. Both essentially restored the empires (German Reich and Russian Empire) by taking back territories lost after the military defeats in World War I (Great War)
  11. Both conquered vast territories in Europe during World War II
  12. Both invaded the same country – Poland – in 1939 thus sharing the responsibility for the outbreak of World War II
  13. Both committed horrible crimes and crimes against humanity
  14. Both used violence, terror and omnipresent propaganda to achieve their objectives
  15. Although both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were enormously, incredibly, unbelievably successful in many endeavors – economic, political, social and military – both made existential mistakes for which both paid the ultimate price.


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