Key Differences between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

  1. The most fundamental difference between Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin was that the former was a national-sociopath while the former was a classic psychopath. A mega-psychopath, sure, but still a psychopath.
  2. In other words, Adolf Hitler was a genuine patriot who deeply and sincerely loved Germany and Germans but viewed all other nations (and individuals belonging to these nations) as mere tools to be used for the benefit of Germany and Germans. Joseph Stalin was a fundamental egocentric who loved only himself and considered all other individuals (both citizens of the Soviet Union and citizens of other nations) as mere tools to be used for his personal benefit
  3. Consequently, Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin had fundamentally different objectives. The former wanted to make Germany a secure, prosperous and genuinely happy nation (at the expense of other nations) while the latter wanted to acquire unlimited power over the maximum number of nations and individuals (ideally, of the whole world)
  4. Adolf Hitler failed to reach his objectives. And failed miserably. Instead of making Germany a secure, prosperous and genuinely happy nation, his rule resulted in a total military defeat, horrible and comprehensive devastation, millions killed and injured, Germany occupied and divided for almost half a century. Stalin achieved some of his objectives, having occupied the Eastern Europe and established Communist regimes in China, North Korea and North Vietnam. However, Stalin failed to completely conquer Europe or Asia (let alone the Americas or even the Middle East). And paid a horrendous price (in terms of lives lost and economic devastation)
  5. Adolf Hitler made a whole series of strategic mistakes during World War II which ultimately led to the military defeat and unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany (and to his suicide on 04/30/1945). Joseph Stalin made only two strategic mistakes – failed to anticipate German invasion on 06/22/1941 and underestimated the power of the survival instinct of his henchmen in the late winter of 1953. The first mistake cost him his dream of conquering the world; the second one cost him his life
  6. Adolf Hitler was a mystic and an idealist. Consequently, his strategic decisions in many (if not most) cases were based on mystical revelations or beliefs and principles. Joseph Stalin was a materialist and a pragmatist; consequently, his decisions were based strictly on logical reasoning (facts, logic and common sense). Which explains why Stalin was far more successful and became far more influential than Adolf Hitler
  7. Although both Hitler and Stalin widely used blatant lies in their propaganda, the percentage of lies in Stalin’s propaganda was far, far higher than in Hitler’s. Actually, the former was a one Big Lie while the latter was a mixture of truth and lies
  8. Adolf Hitler sincerely believed in the national-socialist ideology (which for him and for other Nazis was essentially a neo-pagan quasi-religion). Joseph Stalin did not believe in Soviet Bolshevist ideology (or in any other ideology) – for him it was only one of the tools that he used to achieve absolute power
  9. While both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin transformed their nations into economic, political and military superpowers, Hitler’s Germany was only a European superpower. Stalin transformed post-Great War and post-Civil War Russia into the Soviet Union – a global superpower
  10. Although both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were the most influential political leaders of the XX century and to a very significant extent shaped it, Joseph Stalin was far more influential that Adolf Hitler (the influence of the former is felt even today)
  11. Adolf Hitler came to power in a legitimate way – by being legally appointed the Chancellor of Germany by President Hindenburg. Joseph Stalin came to power in an illegitimate way – after successful Bolshevik Coup
  12. Adolf Hitler was a deist – he believed in Higher Power (‘Providence’). Joseph Stalin was an atheist – he did not believe in God, Higher Power or anything supernatural
  13. Adolf Hitler was a valiant soldier during the Great War and received the Iron Cross (both Second and First Class – a very rare decoration for a mere corporal) for bravery on the battlefield. Stalin never fought in any war but ‘distinguished’ himself as a successful bank robber and murderer (i.e. gangster).
  14. Both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin committed war crimes and crimes against humanity of a comparable horror and scale (Holocaust, other mass murders on occupied territories, concentration camps vs. Golodomor, Great Terror, other democides and mass murders, Gulag and post-WW2 ethnical cleansing and mass murder of Germans). However, if one takes into account crimes against humanity committed by Communist regimes established by Stalin in Eastern Europe and Asia, the latter is responsible for a much higher death toll than the former
  15. Both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin created unique civilizations significantly different from the ‘liberal-democratic Western civilization’. Consequently, both civilizations were a threat to the ‘Western civilization’. However, ‘Stalin’s civilization’ was radically more different from the ‘Western civilization’ than the ‘Hitler’s civilization’. Besides, Adolf Hitler was concerned only about making Germany a secure, prosperous and genuinely happy nation and viewed all his conquests only as means to that end. Stalin’s ultimate objective was to conquer the whole world, destroy all existing human civilizations and replace them with ‘Stalin’s civilization’. Consequently, Joseph Stalin and his civilization constituted an existential threat to the Western civilization while Adolf Hitler and his ‘Nazi civilization’ did not. In fact, the latter actually saved the Western civilization (albeit at a horrendous price) by preventing Stalin from achieving his objectives
  16. Although both Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin built ‘socialist’ systems (civilizations, actually), Hitler’s national-socialism was very different from Stalin’s Bolshevist socialism. In fact, Hitler’s version of socialism was far closer to the fundamental concept of socialism than Stalin’s one (the latter was actually a modern incarnation of Asian despotism disguised as ‘socialist state’)
  17. Both Nazi ideology of Hitler’s Germany and Bolshevist ideology of Stalin’s Soviet Union were fundamentally anti-Christian as they preached principles, values and objectives radically different from Christian ones. However, Adolf Hitler committed himself to a more or less peaceful coexistence with Christian Church (by signing concordats with both Catholic and Protestant Churches). Stalin completely annihilated both Churches in the Soviet Union and was committed to doing the same with Russian Orthodox Church (only the war prevented him from making it happen). Consequently, Stalin and his Soviet Union constituted an existential threat to the Christian Church while Adolf Hitler and Nazi Germany did not. In fact, the latter actually saved the Christian Church (albeit at a horrendous price) by preventing Stalin from achieving his objectives
  18. By 1938 at the latest, Adolf Hitler radically transformed Germany into a genuinely happy nation (possibly the happiest in human history). Soviet citizens under Stalin were deeply unhappy which was proven beyond the reasonable doubt during the first weeks of German invasion in summer 1941 (when millions of Red Army soldiers refused to fight and surrendered to victorious Wehrmacht and millions of Soviet citizens welcomed the German Army as liberators from Stalin’s regime)
  19. Adolf Hitler committed suicide after losing World War II in Europe surrounded by his loyal followers who still loved and admired him. Joseph Stalin was murdered at the height of his power by his henchmen (partners in crime) – either poisoned by them (most likely) or left to die after a stroke (which for all practical purposes is a murder)


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