Adolf Hitler was a self-educated man

Adolf Hitler was a self-educated man (which in his case actually was a genuinely spectacular achievement). He never received any formal university (or even college) level education – he taught himself everything that he thought he needed to become the Führer of Germany. Stalin, by the way, did the same thing – but was considerably more successful.

Self-education has both advantages and disadvantages compared to a formal education. Its definite advantage is that it makes the human mind more open and flexible and allows to ‘think outside the box’ much more efficiently.

Thus finding solutions that the formally trained (‘conditioned’ or even ‘programmed’ with a formal education) simply can not imagine. And that’s exactly what Adolf Hitler did on a number of occasions achieving arguably miraculous results.

Its definite disadvantage is that self-education does not allow the individual in question to develop some very important fundamental skills (e.g. critical thinking, research & analysis) which sooner or later results in colossal blunders. And that’s exactly what happened to Hitler. And not once, but several times. And finally led to his downfall – and to the destruction of Nazi Germany.

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