What Adolf Hitler Accomplished in Politics & Government

  1. Took over a miniscule marginal political party (DAP) and in just ten years made it the most powerful political force in Weimar Republic (NSDAP)
  2. Made NSDAP the largest political party (parliamentary fraction) in the Reichstag by winning the majority (though not the absolute majority) of seats in general elections
  3. Became the Reichskanzler – head of the German government
  4. Acquired the absolute power in Germany – became the Führer of Germany
  5. Did away with the shackles imposed on Germany by the Treaty of Versailles
  6. Transformed essentially democratic (and semi-federal) Weimar Republic into a totalitarian (and thus by definition centralized) Führerstaat – a powerful and efficient machine that he used to achieve his objectives
  7. United practically all Germans in Europe into Ein Reich (with the exception of German-speaking Swiss cantons and the German Volga Autonomous Region in the USSR which was liquidated by Stalin after Hitler invaded the USSR)
  8. Made this Ein Reich the most politically powerful state in Europe (USSR was a Eurasian country). And one of the two most politically powerful nations in the world
  9. Eliminated practically all political opposition by murdering some of his rivals (e.g. during the Night of Long Knives), locking some away in prisons and concentration camps, silencing others, forcing some to emigrate but mostly reprogramming his rivals into his supporters (usually with brutal force and no less brutal Nazi propaganda)
  10. Earned political support, respect and admiration of an overwhelming majority of Germans (some estimate over 95%)
  11. Successfully negotiated annexation of German part of Czechoslovakia with major European nations – UK, France and Italy
  12. Successfully negotiated partition of Eastern Europe with his arch-enemy – Joseph Stalin
  13. Made a colossal blunder by declaring war on the USA (repeating a practically identical blander of German High Command in World War I). Which ultimately led to a defeat of Nazi Germany in the Great War

Very, very impressive achievements (except the last one, of course). Accomplishments of a very powerful and talented individual and of a true political genius. Of one of the most powerful and successful leaders in modern history.

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