Military Accomplishments of Adolf Hitler

  1. Transformed a tiny Reichswehr allowed by the Treaty of Versailles into Wehrmacht (later augmented by Waffen SS) – the most powerful, efficient and fearsome fighting force in the history of mankind
  2. Developed Blitzkrieg – a revolutionary method of warfare which made Wehrmacht and Waffen SS such a powerful, efficient and fearsome fighting force
  3. Used this method to achieve stunning military successes on the battlefield and to rapidly defeat and occupy Poland, the Benelux countries, Denmark, Norway, France, Albania, Yugoslavia and Greece
  4. Used this method to rapidly defeat and destroy the largest military force ever assembled – the 8-million First Strategic Echelon of Stalin’s Red Army. Right before it could commence a Blitzkrieg of its own – with the ultimate objective of conquering the whole Europe, Middle East and possible even India.
  5. By invading Poland, gave the UK and France casus belli that they needed to declare war on Germany. And thus to start the Second World War
  6. Prior to the invasion of Poland, made the decisive contribution (by sending the Condor Legion – as well as weapons and ammunition) to the victory of nationalists in the Spanish Civil War
  7. Occupied the whole Czechoslovakia – without a shot being fired
  8. Made a whole series of breakthroughs in military technology by developing radically new weapons systems – Stg-44 assault rifle, XXI and XXIII series submarines, night vision devices for armored units and infantry, Tiger I tank, V-1 cruise missile, Fritz X guided bomb, Henschel Hs 293 anti-ship guided missile, aircraft ejection seat, Me-262 and He 162 jet fighters, Arado-234 jet bomber, revolutionary Arado 232 and Me-323 transport aircraft, Nebelwerfer multiple rocket launcher. And, of course, the venerable V-2 ballistic missile that for all practical purposes commenced the space era. The revolutionary MG-34 machine gun was also introduced and issued to units under Hitler
  9. Made an unbelievable number of colossal military blunders (Dunkirk, terribly mismanaged Battle for Britain, failure to capture Moscow in Fall 1941, the Stalingrad and Kursk disasters, etc.) which ultimately led to Nazi Germany losing World War II

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