What Adolf Hitler Really Wanted

The list turned out to be surprisingly short.

  1. Adolf Hitler wanted all “his people” (Germans by blood) to be genuinely happy. He was well aware that to make an individual genuinely happy, one must satisfy his or her authentic (and limited) needs, not perceived (and unlimited) wants and desires. For a number of reasons (which I will present later), Hitler believed that he knew what “his people” really needed. And was determined to give’it’ to them – using all means necessary.
  2. Adolf Hitler sincerely believed that a German by blood can be completely and genuinely happy only in a German state (the ‘German Reich’). Consequently, he wanted to unite all German into one country and state. Ein Volk – Ein Reich. The Third Reich that he wanted to last at least a thousand years
  3. To make his fellow Germans genuinely happy, Adolf Hitler wanted to structure the German Reich in the most efficient way. Making sure it satisfies genuine needs of all of its citizens. In other words, he wanted to transform the Weimar Republic (which in his opinion could not make Germans genuinely happy) into a genuinely happy country – the Third Reich.
  4. As he sincerely believed in the reality of the existential ‘race war’ between the ‘’Aryan race and the ‘inferior races’ which Germany was forced to fight he wanted to win this war. And to make sure this war never happens again
  5. To make sure this war never happens again, Adolf Hitler wanted to make Germany the most powerful nation in the world. By far
  6. To make Germany the most powerful nation in the world, Adolf Hitler wanted to (a) radically strengthen Germany and (b) radically weaken its enemies and rivals. The most dangerous rivals (internal and external) he wanted to be neutralized and possibly even exterminated
  7. To make sure that the horrors of the Blockade of Germany (especially the Great Hunger of 1917-19) never happen again, Adolf Hitler wanted to make Germany self-sufficient in food and all key natural resources
  8. As a true national-sociopath, Adolf Hitler wanted all other nations to become servants or slaves of the Third Reich (explicitly or implicitly)

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