Who Adolf Hitler Really Was – Part IV

Adolf Hitler was a truly great public speaker. Powerful (his voice was unusually loud), mesmerizing, charismatic, and extremely motivational and inspirational. He was by far the greatest orator of the twentieth century (labeled “the Demosthenes in a Brown Shirt”). To a significant extent he literally talked his way into power.

Obviously, Adolf Hitler was a war criminal and mass murderer. Nazi Germany was a Führerstaat – the “Führer’s State” so none of the major war crimes and crimes against humanity could have been committed without Hitler’s consent.

And although he never gave direct written orders (he seldom did) to commit any of these crimes (including The Holocaust), there is plenty of evidence to suggest that such orders (explicit or implicit) have been given.

Although Adolf Hitler was not a ‘thug’ or a ‘crook’ (he was a genuine patriot of Greater Germany), but he was a mobster. He was a mobster because he created essentially a criminal system that from the very beginning was committing horrendous crimes (on a daily if not hourly basis) against humanity and subsequently war crimes.

Ultimately, in all his endeavors Adolf Hitler was a total failure. When he died (from a self-inflicted gunshot wound), Greater Germany was far, far worse off than when he came to power. Millions of German lives have been lost, German infrastructure was all but destroyed and Germany was occupied and divided between victorious Allies. Many other nations suffered similar devastations and losses of lives.

There was one exception, however. Hitler was actually right when he said that Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization was engaged in an existential war (whether it liked it or not, whether it wanted it or not). It was.

Only it was not a ‘race war’. It was a civilizational war. The European civilization against the “Bolshevik civilization” led by the “Red Tamerlane” Joseph Stalin. And Adolf Hitler actually won that war.

He won this war by preventing the complete takeover of Europe by the Bolshevik hordes (Stalin got only most of the Eastern Europe). Hitler’s Wehrmacht and Waffen SS inflicted such have casualties on the Red Army (it lost about 20 million soldiers and officers) and caused such an enormous destruction of Soviet military and economic potential that by the end of the war with Germany the Soviet Union was way too weak to complete its conquest of Europe.

And by that time the USA had the enormous fleet of famous B-29 bombers (against which the Red Army had practically no defense). And, of course, the atom bomb.

Therefore, Adolf Hitler was successful in one of his endeavors (possibly, the most important one). He did save Germany, Europe and the whole Western civilization from all-but-inevitable destruction had Stalin managed to conquer “all of the above”.

As you can see from this section, Adolf Hitler was a highly complex and controversial individual, whose personality had many (often conflicting sides). But only by thorough understanding of each of these sides (and how they worked together), you can understand Hitler – and the Nazi Germany.

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