Who Adolf Hitler Really Was – Part II

Adolf Hitler was a mystical, passionate deist. He believed in One True Omnipotent God (but not in the Christian God although he was raised Catholic in a very Catholic environment). He believed in the Natural Law (in fact, the whole Nazi ideology was built on the concept of the Natural Law – as perceived by the Nazis, of course) and in the Providence.

The latter for him was not the interference of God in this world – it was God. Like a proper deist, Adolf Hitler believed that God does not interfere in the affairs of this world directly but only through His ‘chosen people’. Both nations and individuals. And, of course, by helping them accomplish their Mission.

Adolf Hitler sincerely believed that the Germans are (and have been for millennia) God’s chosen people and he – Adolf Hitler – was God’s chosen individual. His missionary in this world (His Messiah, if you will).

Consequently, Hitler deeply and sincerely believed that God will help him and Germany accomplish this Divine Mission by (1) revealing to him personally the best solution, decision and the course of action in every situation; and (2) by performing miracles that Hitler and Germany need to accomplish this Mission Impossible. Impossible without these miracles that is.

Hence, although in many cases Adolf Hitler behaved like a shrewd and pragmatic politician, many his decisions (including those of absolutely critical and even vital importance) were based on these ‘revelations’ and expectations of miracles. Which led to disastrous blunders and ultimately resulted in a total military defeat, the demise of the Third Reich and to the suicide of its Führer Adolf Hitler.

Adolf Hitler was a war hero. He faithfully and bravely served Germany on the hellish battlefields of the First World War. He was a ‘runner’, a courier on the front lines. Which was a very important – and very risky – occupation.

Important because these couriers delivered only important or very important messages – and hundreds of lives and major tactical successes often depended on whether the courier delivers the message in time. Risky because the enemy obviously knew that – so the runner was a prime target for enemy snipers and even mortar or artillery fire.

Adolf Hitler received the Iron Cross both Second and First Class – which was a fairly rare award for an enlisted man. Especially for an Austrian volunteer in the Imperial German Army.

Which means that he really accomplished something really outstanding (actually, by delivering a very important message in time he saved hundreds of lives of German soldiers).

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