Who Adolf Hitler Really Was – Part I

First of all, Adolf Hitler was a human being. A very unique, yes, and highly imperfect (of course), but still a human being. Not a monster, not a ‘demon in flesh and blood’, not Devil (or ‘Evil’) incarnate, but a human being. And must be analyzed, evaluated and treated as such.

Obviously, Adolf Hitler was a national-socialist, because his views on politics, government, finance, economy, education, foreign policy, etc. were clearly nationalist and no less clearly socialist.

Adolf Hitler was a racist. He sincerely believed in the inherent superiority of an ‘Aryan race’ and the inherent inferiority of all other races – even of a number of nations (Jews, Slavs, etc.) that belonged to the white (Caucasian) race. Which has been subsequently and scientifically proven (beyond the reasonable doubt) to be utterly and completely wrong. In other words, racism is not just immoral – it is completely un-scientific.

Adolf Hitler was a patriot. Not a thug, not a crook, not a megalomaniac, not a lunatic, but a genuine patriot of Greater Germany. Which for him include Austria and all other territories with a sizable German population. Ein Volk – Ein Reich.

But Adolf Hitler was a very specific kind of patriot. He was a national-sociopath. He deeply and passionately loved the Greater Germany and his fundamental and overwhelming objective in life was to faithfully and efficiently serve his country.

Serve by becoming its Führer and by leading it to prosperity, security and genuine happiness. By making it the best it can possibly be – and the best and the happiest country in the world. The best of the best. The indisputable global leader. And by making its capital Berlin (that he wanted to rename ‘Germania’) the Mittelpunkt der Welt. The Center of the World.

Unfortunately, while he deeply and sincerely desired prosperity, security and genuine happiness for his country, he did not care a damn thing about prosperity and security (let alone genuine happiness) of any other nation.

For him all other nations (whether ‘allies’, ‘adversaries’ or ‘neutral’) were only tools to be used to achieve prosperity, security and genuine happiness for his beloved Greater Germany. Which often led to disastrous consequences for these ‘tools’.

Adolf Hitler was a radical Social Darwinist. He applied Charles Darwin’s biological doctrine of the ‘survival of the fitness’ and applied it to human nations and races. Taking this doctrine to the extreme and significantly perverting it in the process.

Which led him to a deep, sincere and intense belief in the reality of so-called ‘existential race wars’. In other words, he believed that the ‘superior’ German nation is engaged (whether it wanted it or not, whether it liked or not) in the existential war with the ‘inferior’ races (led, obviously, by Jews).

And that either the Germans exterminate their adversaries – or these adversaries will inevitably exterminate the German nation. He was wrong on all counts, of course, but this deep and sincere belief of his (intensified by a truly virulent hatred for his adversaries in this ‘holy war’) ultimately led to mass murder, genocide, unprecedented destruction and other disastrous consequences –for Germany and for other nations.


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