Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter XIV

There are so many theories and so much speculation on ‘Nazi occultism’ (and surprisingly so much genuine research on this issue) that I simply had to write this chapter (chapter fourteen, to be exact).

First, I will thoroughly investigate (and pronounce a verdict) on an actually, very important issue – whether National-Socialism was a neo-pagan religion. Then I will describe in reasonable detail the ‘occult scene’ (organizations, events, prominent individuals, books, mass-media, etc.) in the Weimar republic and in Nazi Germany.

As the Nazi Germany was essentially the Führerstaat – Führer’s State – I will then investigate the attitude of Adolf Hitler to the occult and his relationships with the occult organizations and individuals (if any).

Again, there is so much speculation and so many theories on Himmler’s occult activities that I simply have to devote a special section of the book to his relationships with the occult scene (if any) and his occult activities (ditto).

Obviously, I will cover in reasonable detail two probably most widely known objects – the Ahnenerbe organization and the Wewelsburg castle.

As well as (of course) general relationships between the Nazi government and the occult, the SS and the occult and the Party and the occult.

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