Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter XII

Although (as I have demonstrated earlier), the overwhelming majority (some say over 95%) of Germans wholeheartedly supported the Nazi regime (and I explained why), there was the anti-Nazi resistance. Which must be comprehensively identified and properly analyzed.

Hence, in the twelfth chapter of the book I will do just that. I will identify all key resistance groups – the aristocrats, the Wehrmacht generals and officers, the conscientious objectors, the non-violent protesters (e.g. White Rose group), the rescuers of Jews (‘the other Germans’), the spies (e.g. Die Rote Kapelle) etc.

I will cover in a reasonable detail all assassination attempts on Hitler’s life and other assassinations (e.g. of Ernst vom Rath in Paris that led to Kristallnacht). Obviously, a separate (and the biggest) section will be devoted to the unsuccessful July 20th coup and its aftermath.

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