Why I Am Qualified to Write This Book

I am not a professional historian. I do not have a degree (or even any kind of formal education or training) in history. But still I am confident that I am well-qualified to write this book. And here’s why.

This book is a comprehensive essential guide to Nazi Germany. And any comprehensive guide is a knowledge management project. To put together such a guide, one must collect and uncover all relevant raw data and information, derive the necessary knowledge from them (this process is called knowledge mining), structure this knowledge in the most efficient and digestible way and present this knowledge to the reader (the user of the guide).

Consequently, this is the job for the knowledge management professional. Which is exactly my key area of expertise. But this is not the only reason why I am perfectly qualified to write this book.

Nazi Germany was a system. A very unique, very big (gargantuan, actually) and a very complicated system. Therefore, to come up with a comprehensive essential guide to this system, one must undertake a comprehensive analysis of Nazi Germany. Which requires the qualifications (knowledge and experience) of a competent systems analyst.

I was thoroughly trained as one by highly competent instructors at the University of Texas at Arlington (I got an MBA in Information Systems from that university). And subsequently gained extensive experience in systems analysis by analyzing corporate, government, political and economic systems (during my tenure at a major investment bank and later as a strategic management consultant).

Also, one absolutely can not understand the history of any country, region, city or a union of countries without a thorough understanding of its economics and finance. I was well-trained in both areas at UTA and subsequently gained a deep and extensive experience in these areas in my abovementioned occupations.

Another two very important areas of expertise for a competent historian are individual and social psychology. And again, I was well-trained in both at UTA and accumulated significant experience by working on quite a few projects in both areas.

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