The Only Correct Perspective on Nazi Germany

One of the key problems (if not the key problem) of ‘mainstream’ historians of Nazi Germany (which make their books, articles and other content more propaganda than science) is that they view and analyze choices, decisions and actions of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis from the entirely wrong perspective.

More specifically, from the perspective of a modern, cosmopolitan, liberal, relativist, secular, tolerant, multicultural world, mindset and worldview.

Why is this perspective wrong? Because one of the fundamental principles of history as a science is that every choice, decision and action by every historic figure must be analyzed only in the proper historical context. Which during the times of the Third Reich was radically different from the modern one.

Which perspective is the correct one then? Actually, to come up with the right understanding of Nazi choices, decisions and actions, you must investigate, analyze and evaluate them from not one, but several perspectives.

Adolf Hitler got his mandate to govern Germany from the German people. Therefore, the common (as a nation) perspective of Germans is the most important perspective by far.

It is also important to look at ‘all of the above’ from the perspective of each of the key social groups in Germany – workers/employees, peasants, intellectuals, entrepreneurs, the military, industrial and financial elite, aristocracy, scientific and research community, cultural elite, women, the youth, senior citizens, children, etc.

Obviously, it is also important to ‘see things’ from the perspective of other nations – allies of the Nazi Germany, neutral nations and occupied nations. And, of course, from the perspective of Jews and other persecuted nations (Roma, Sinti, etc.) and social groups (homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, political opponents of Nazis, etc.).

Only then you will be able to arrive at a truly comprehensive understanding and evaluation of choices, decisions and actions of Adolf Hitler and other Nazis.

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