Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter X

The Holocaust was by far the most heinous crime committed during the World War II. However, there were a number of other war crimes and crimes against humanity committed during the same time period (and not only by the Nazis). The tenth chapter of the book will present, discuss and analyze them in reasonable detail.

I will start with the infamous Aktion T4 – the mass murder of mentally ill individuals in Nazi Germany. In the next section I will cover another mass murder – that of over 3.5 million Soviet prisoners of war by the Nazis.

I will cover the infamous ‘hostage directive’ and the brutal anti-guerrilla activities of Wehrmacht and Waffen SS that resulted in the mass murder of over six million civilians (mostly on the occupied territories of the Soviet Union). As well as horrible medical experiments in Nazi concentration camps.

As well as the Nazi genocide of Roma and Sinta people, persecution of homosexuals, plunder of the occupied territories, the slave labor program and the other war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the Nazis.

Then I will cover crimes committed by the Japanese (mass murder of about six million Chinese – the ‘third Holocaust’) and the activities of the ‘unit 731’ that conducted medical experiments on humans which were far, far more horrifying than those conducted by the Nazi doctors.

But I will not ignore crimes committed by the victorious Allies – the Katyn massacre, the incessant carpet bombing of German and Japanese cities (deliberate mass murder of civilians), the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the rape and plunder of Germany by the victorious Red army.

And, of course the mass deportation of ethnic Germans from the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia and Romania (which resulted in over 2 million dead and 14 million deported – right during the Nuremberg trials) as well as the Bloody Sunday in Bromberg – the first war crime in WW2 (committed by Poles, not by Germans). And the little-known Volyn massacre – mass murder of ethnic Poles by Ukrainian nationalists.


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