Structure & Logic of This Book – Chapter VI

To successfully perform the quantum leap (the ‘Nazi Revolution’), the Nazis had to develop a huge, complicated and comprehensive Nazi System. Which included the Party (NSDAP), the government (at all levels), the legal and judicial system, the SS and other paramilitary organizations, the state police and security system (including the infamous Gestapo, SD, the police proper and the whole RSHA), the military (Heer, Luftwaffe, Kriegsmarine, Abwehr and Waffen-SS), the economy (industry, agriculture, banking and finance and the services sector), education (including Hitlerjugend and BDM), culture, the infamous propaganda machine and other key components.

Each of these components (and the system as a whole) will be properly analyzed in a uniform way in the sixth chapter of the book. Specific attention will be paid to synergy (both positive and negative) between the components of the Nazi System.


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